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Captain Spud

Uuuuuunder the sea...

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That was pretty amazing painting and modeling. Btw, Aloysius was modeled after a paddlefish, which I actually did an arodynamic study on in college. I majored in aerospace engineering and my father in law was a fish biologist, so we collaborated. He wanted me to take it further and actually try to publish , but I never went that far with it.

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Beautiful work! The eyes of the octopus are particularly grabbing. The sculpted stuff is *great*. That sounds to be a particularly fun Pathfinder campaign. :bday:

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Love the octopus, awesome paintjob and what a fantastic miniature! Had never paid attention to it before...

The crab looks stunning aswell, and again a great looking miniature, fits perfectly with the others! Well done on both sculpting and painting!

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I have SO MANY UNPLAINTED MINIS! Why are you making me go buy a bunch of Malifaux fish-people?!

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First: that octopus is amazing, and makes me very happy.


Second: the rest is also nicely done. Love your blues, especially on the crab.


Third: you know you can post things not by Reaper, and nobody will revoke your forum privileges for it, right? ;)

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