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WHOOO!!! He looks really good. You know I would look through the WIP forum looking for more updates but never saw it on the first page when I checked (yes I am to lazy to look through more than one page in a sub forum), so I missed a lot of updates. I really like the blue fading to the purple on the wings. I may have to try that scheme on one of the Bones Rauthuros I just got. Again, great job!

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This is an outstanding piece. How did you do the icicles?


Thank you!


The icicles were done using Woodland Scenics Water Effects. It's actually pretty easy - getting them glued on straight was the biggest challenge. I have pictures and stuff on page five of the WIP:




I'm glad the blue is popular. I guess I feel the frozen side of Hades needs more love; these guys are typically done HOT.

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