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new minis painted waiting for your approval hehe

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Very nice work. The blacks look great, and the translucence on the pink is awesome. Can you tell me where that mini (the pink lady) came from?


Oneboot, you should also check out Darksword's not-Raistlin (and Not-Caramon, -Takhisis, -Laurana, -Tanis and -Sturm). All pretty nice sculpts.

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You've made me a very very happy OneBoot! ::D: I adore Dragonlance, and not only are those sculpts amazing, your paint jobs are simply stupendous!! Especially the faces, holy cow. I want to be able to give my minis that amount of expression someday. :)



--OneBoot :D

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the dragonlance personalities that ral partha came out with a couple years before the co. went belly up were nice too bad TSR made them destroy the molds ><

It was WOTC, not TSR, but yeah.


I love your work. You have a really linear style, with beautifully defined edges, both dark and light. Some of your bare flesh reminds me of Greek icons.

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if i were you i would get some moldmaking items and pour them in resin so you can keep the mastercopies, wish i had done this before i painted and sold the ones i had years ago



Advocating copyright violations is a really good way to get yourself banned. I know ours is an analog art and very easy to copy with a little know-how and elbow grease, but I'm reminded of something I tell my children all the time:


Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

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