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Getting in practice for the BONES


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Hi There.


While I've been waiting for my bones, i've been picking through my existing minis collection and painting some up. Just wanted to show them off and get some feedback. I know i'm not the best but some tips would be good :)


First up my Reaper Elven Ranger. Probably my first real success at drybrushing some highlights.





Up Next is my Reaper Paladin. Not as happy with this guy.






Third, is my Cleric from the DND boardgame.





And finally for today, a Games Workshop Denethor. He's way too shiny atm, so I need to get some matt varnish.





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Are you dipping them to get the shine or is that from a sealant of some kind? Matte finish would help a lot. Before adding highlights try reclaiming the high points by painting on the base color again, leaving the deepest recesses alone. This will produce greater contrast between your highlights and shadows

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One trick you can use on Denethor's chain cloak is to give it a black wash and drybrush in a light metallic. It helps the chain show more depth and may help your gloss probhlems. What paint colors are you using on him?

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Yeah i'm using the dipping technique which is what gives the shine. I'll try your idea today and post the results.



I don't actually have any washes atm :S I'll look into getting some then try that out. I'm using Vallejo paints, so the colours I used on him were

*Cadium Skin

*Chainmail Silver

*Scarlett Red


*Leather Brown

*Brassy Brass

*Beasty Brown

*Off white

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I make washes in a similar way. 1ish drop of paint to 7-10 drops of water (preferably 8). I don't use any other additives any more. I used to, but I'm a painter, not a chemist so I switched to straight water. Looking at the pics you posted, I am going to guess that you did the same thing I did when I tried dipping. You dipped/painted on the dip material then let it dry. It is imperative to remove the excess material somehow. The army builder guys, once they have dipped a mini, grip their mini by the base with channel locks and use centrifugal force to remove the excess (they hold the mini tightly then fling it at the ground, like one does after washing their hands). This causes the extra liquid to fly separating from the mini. If you do this it is imperative that one DOES NOT LET GO OF THE MINIATURE! Heaven forbid you throw your favorite mini at the ground. Here, watch the videos in this link for a demo:



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Also make sure that you're either holding the mini itself, or that it's very securely attached to its base. My Reinhold, Gobber Spectator for Warmachine has an interesting dent in his bowler hat after departing from his base to the concrete patio at high speed...


I've since (on those occasions I fall back on Quickshade) switched to painting rather than dipping. Slower, but more accurate. Sponge up the excess with a paper towel as it dries.

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Hey everone. Thanks for the comments and tips. I'm gonna try and work everthing into any future minis.


Anywho, got a few more pics. Tried to put together a basic grey background for these ones. As before I would love some comments and tips.


First, a Games Workshop Elrond. He makes up the last of this current batch of adventurers.




Next up another look at Denethor. I had a go at making a wash for the chainmail and did a bit more highlighting on his cape to dull the shine a bit.




next up, a new angle of my favourite mini so for, my Reaper Elven Rouge. You can see his eye in this pic :)




Next, anther shot of the cleric.




Next, the paladin. I did some touch up on him and think he looks a lot better, at least to me.




Heres a shot of the intrepid adventurers together. I have since added a bit of flock to the bases as a bit of contrast to the dull grey.




And lastly we have a preview of my next set of 5. These will have a more barbarian-wildling theme to them. Here is a crazy Scottish-looking barbarian. Not sure where he is from though.



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Yep, other than the eyes they look awesome. And everyone struggles on eyes. I like to do them after base coating so I can keep trying to get them right without painting over anything else and then clean it up (with the face flesh tone or whatever) when I'm done.


I agree, that cowled elf is awesome.

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I much prefer using quickshade inks, rather than the dip. It's easier to get it where you want it, it can be thinned with water and it dries without gloss.

For eyes, try the technique shown in this article, "Bette Davis Eyes":


Seriously helped me improve my faces.

Also, the missus and I were wondering what you're using for basing material, looks good. Barbarian's tattoos look cool as well. I also have that D&D boardgame around somewhere that I'd like to paint up some day; did you paint straight onto the plastic? Because it looked quite shiny to me, like it wouldn't take paint very well.

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Your craft is improving already. Denethor's cloak looked more defined as did his armor. The cleric and fighter touched up nice as well.


Be sure to check out that bette davis eye article. It is EXTREMELY helpful. The best advice I have for painting eyes is to choose a method you like and practice it until you master it.

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