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Getting in practice for the BONES


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I still love how much a simple wash can do. Denethor looks much better, and (as my Tolkien loving wife pointed out) the darker look works well for him. You sword cleric looks much better and everything looks much cleaner than before. Your eyes still need work and the tutorial is amazing, if not technical. I don;t know how intentional this was, but Denethor has a nice "crazy eyes" look.

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Thanks for the comments everone, I appreciate it. I'll deffo look at that eye tutorial.


*Dai Mongar

For the bases, the first 5 I have up there used these bases,



while the next few will use these bases



As for the models, I found just a simple wash and spraycoat made them perfectly fine for painting. be aware though that the detail is very shallow on them so you will lose some regardless.

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When you get your Bones, you could try practicing eyes on some of the Derek Schubert sculpts; he does nice big, almost anime-style eyes on a lot of his figures. Even if you just paint the faces you could leave the rest of the model to finish later.

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Hi all. Thanks again for all the feedback. I've painted up a few more, would love some feedback on these guys. As I said earlier, these have a more wild/unarmoured feel to them.


First, the one i'm least happy with, a Reaper Female Elven Witch. This one I painted for the wife and quite frankly i'm not happy with it.




Secondly, here is the barbarian I previewed earlier.




Thirdly, here is a Games Workshop Elven barbarian.




Fourthly we have another Reaper witch. I like this one a lot.




Fifthly, we have another Reaper Elven Rouge, similar to my first one.




and finally a group shot.




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