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Yeah, really like the base choice. I like the fluff you have developed for this guy and wiil be watching for further developments.

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Thanks, Inarah. I love these bases; I got several 40mm and 30mm in the same pattern; all the NPCs in the Cannith complex will have them. It's going to be fun to put together a "team" that isn't PCs!

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Quick update...started putting some putty on the standing foreleg. This is my first real foray into sculpting organic things, and my first real session with greystuff, so it's...interesting. I'm not unhappy with it, though.


You can see, I'm working in small sections. Here's the shoulder:




Then the foreleg:




And finally the hand.




I have some plastic trimming once it cures, and then I need to sand and polish this down before trying to add some texture. The opinion has been floated that it seems rather 'roided up, so maybe I need to do some slimming? What do y'all think?

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Depends on what you're going for - it doesn't look all that off from what a normal, healthy lizard leg would look like. If you want a half rotted, cadaverous limb, then it might be too thick.

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Kinda hoping to end up with something frankensteinian...muscles shouldn't be atrophied, because the arcanolectrical energy flowing through keeps them whole. But it still seems pretty big. If the other leg were getting this treatment (it's not) I'd be worried it would look like he was pointing the way to the...GUN SHOW!


But it will also lose a little mass as I smooth it down. The main worry is that I want to put scales on, and in the current state that would put a ton of bulk on this leg.

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OK, so I've slimmed down the bulk on the leg (sorry no pics of that; I'm horrid at documenting every step), mostly with gentle use of a very sharp Xacto blade and some fine riffler files. Trimmed a lot of bulk down to the Bonesium, which got shaped and smoothed along with the putty.


Now I've started putting scales on the shoulder and leg. I'm essentially taking a sheet of putty, rolled very thin, and laying it over the section of leg I'm working on. Once it's down and not peeling up easily, the arrowhead point of one of my sculpting tools makes some nice little chevron indentations.




In the above shot, you can also see the flaps of flesh that I've built up and stretched across the collar region. The idea is that much of the dragon carcass had to be rebuilt, so some flesh was pulled back, like rolling down a sock, then rolled back over the metal framework. I'll eventually be going for a similar idea on the tail and one wing.


Here, you can see the next section getting worked on:




I've actually put scales on the whole leg now, I'll try to remember to get a pic of that before I start my next sculpt session.


Between letting things cure on the leg, I started work on the head. Here you can see the shape of the lower jaw; the right side of the face will not get this treatment.




The idea behind the head treatment is that much of the living dragon's head was destroyed, leaving half the lower jaw, much of the main cranium and one horn. To protect the skull, Cannith made essentially a helmet to fit over the top. Here, you can see the one horn that will be painted as "original parts", with its spiral pattern. When I paint it, I plan to make one eye a gem-like lens, and the other "real." If you know the reference, I'd like to make it as creepy as Eva Unit 01's exposed eye.


And, just for fun, the stuff I primed today. The wolves (GW Failcast) and the Phoenicia (Guild of Harmony) are for the same adventure, so they're on bases that match Glockendrache's; the Throne of Everblight is unrelated to the rest, but needed to be primed.




As always, comments are welcome! Please tell me what you think!

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The scale work. I am amazed with the idea, very cool. Sounds like there is more work done on the leg's progress than depicted. I'll hold comments further until I see that.



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    • By Venun
      My wife, @Shinma, started to paint the Clockwork Dragon several years ago. 
      It got to a point where the body was nearly done, and the wings and base remained.
      We had prepared a big gear salvaged from a monitor stand, sanded down by a friend.
      Then, inspiration and drive was lost and it sat on the shelf, staring at her, unfinished.
      Recently she allowed me to finish it. I did the wings, small part of the body, along with the base.
      Here's our result!

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      Hi everyone! I though wyrmgear would look good with some parchment with various math diagrams and equations on its wings so I painted it like such. I also wanted it to pose in some sort of vanity position so I changed its limbs to be more elevated on the upper half and used green stuff to attach the wings at an angle so they are visible from the front and back. I will add more photos from different angles once the green stuff dries. Enjoy! :)

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      This guy stands on a GW base but, according the the local aficionados, isn't.  It's in 5 or so pieces, stands around 10cm tall if I recall, and is molded in a very light but not flimsy plastic--I had to hold it a while to make sure it wasn't resin.  Ideas?

    • By Gargs
      I've been steadily plunking away at a series of "other" projects but now have some extra time to start "playing" with Bones.  As a newbie, I wanted to start with some nice, cheap models that would allow me to experiment some with the feel of Bones and how paints interact with them since the material is completely different from the primarily metal/resin/plastic that I've been using.  As an additional bonus, this will also give me a chance to play with some of my new paints that I haven't really used yet.  All of this is in build up to some bigger Bones projects that are taunting me on the horizon.  (I see you Kally and Nethyrmaul, don't think your schemes are going unnoticed!)  As an aside, this is one of the great things about the Bones line.  They offer lots of pretty detailed models for cheap, which makes them great practice.  So anyway, the first test subjects:

      As you can see we have:
      Reaper 77008 Garrick the Bold (a.k.a Sir Forscale)
      Reaper 77240 Skeleton Guardian Sword (3 in package)
      Reaper 77065 Norgol, Irongrave Knight
      Reaper 77171 Stone Golem
      These all look like fairly straight forward minis (which means I'll still do a terrible job :P but will at least feel semi competent in doing so!).  Seriously though, they should be good for providing a backdrop for some test schemes for future use and to see how some of the triads work together, etc.
      Naturally, it just wouldn't be right if we didn't start with Sir Forscale so of course, we have to Brown Liner all the things!

      Hmmm, missed a couple of spots but hopefully that won't be too big of a deal.  I did forget that I probably do not need to thin the Brown liner much, if at all, when working with Bones so it did get a little bit thinned.  Hopefully he'll hold it together though.
      As always, feel free to offer any advice, critiques, or suggestions as this progresses.  I'm still really new and will definitely appreciate any tips, with no offense being taken as I know have the skills of a new painter, but would like to get better!
    • By joesk
      OK here is another bones I did recently. I wanted it done for a high level game we were playing but never finished it in time.

      I have seen some of the others on here that have been done and borrowed from a couple. Of course I am not up to there level of detail as I am just getting back into painting. Not saying I will get as good, but practice does help. Also I need better mags to see. It's Strange that the camera on my tablet here picks up so much more detail then I can see with my eyes with what gear I have.

      Now as you can hopefully see I tried to make it look like it is made of my thrall and adamantium. This was going to be used by my technologist character but now too late. So I will have to hope I can work it in with my gnome I will be playing later. Might put butterflies or some other gnomey thing on the shields. I also tried to make the wings look like they are leather with a weathering look. I used gloss cote on the body and flat cote on the wings membrane.

       <EDIT> un inverted the last to pics to what they should have been.
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