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This looks really great so far! The idea is cool as well as the execution.


I hesitate to make any recommendation because I know the work has cured and that it will be impossible to make any revisions at this point without starting the texture over. I like the way the scale patterns are laid out and I like the texture of them.


The only thing I could see adding would be to make a more distinctive dividing line between the scales.

What there is currently is something that looks like this VVVVV

Whereas after completing that pattern, following it up with a sharp tool (like a scalpel) and dividing them like this |V|V|V|V|V|

That way it reinforces the fact that they are layered over one another in segments.


Very nice work. I hope you are enjoying working with the graystuff. ProCreate is a great sculpting material.

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Patrick, thanks for your comments. I may very well end up removing some scales and reworking them to get better definition, but before I do I'm going to try your suggestion and see what kind if definition I can just cut in with an Xacto. Just need to find my packet of new blades, first; sharper is better!


The greystuff is working nicely; I find it to be less sticky than the greenstuff so far...the fact that I've started using petroleum jelly is also a big help!

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He looks AMAAAAAAAZING!! ::o: I agree that the jaw turned out particularly good! The only criticism I have is one you've already noticed, that the toes on his right foot aren't flush with the ground, so they look hyper-extended. Incredible work!



--OneBoot :D

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OK, now that I've said this modification id "finished," it's time to finish it again. For all those who have given ideas and advice, both on and off the thread, thank you.


OK, so first, the detail on the rump and flank was pretty soft. At first, I'm trying to cut the details in, using the scales I sculpted as a guide. The process here is basically to take a very sharp new Xacto blade and cut the edges deeper so the scale "beneath" the scale I'm working on is recessed as deeply as possible. Here's how it looks so far:




It's working...OK. I definitely have more definition, but now each scale is a bit more flat than those on the rest of the body. Also, the scales on that piece of tail are really hard to get to and just look a mess, so it's highly likely that the next step for this area is just to cut away a bunch of the putty and re-sculpt the scales, taking a little more time to do it this time.


The other thing I've been working on is removing large parts of the wing:






The idea here is that I'll be sculpting the underside of the wing to match the top, and putting in my own fleshy membranes on the inside of the wing. Probably won't get to do any work on it tonight, but this weekend should see some progress.


Talk to me, folks! Thanks a gain for all your feedback!


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