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Why don't CAV's have hands?

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so far everything seems to indicate Dropship-Jumpship, but I don't really know the official word. The Hercules is a dime peice, so you should look into that. she's hot.


I did a few designs for my own campaign; a Tomahawk lander and an Assault transport which could carry 3 of them, a squadron of intercepters and some lighter drop ships. It resembles a space station with the top sort of simular to the configuration of Deep Space Nine but with three good sized engines, it's hub points down and on it's tip is a turret with 4 huge guns designed to provide artillery support from orbit.


In N scale, this ship would have a diameter of 5 feet from the top and about 7 feet tall. this ship would need to travel through the jump points as indicated by the official fluff, however we have a simular variant that can negotiate its own jump points.

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Actually the Grunder House Hercules, designed by Blitz on the Mil-Net. though an N scale C 130 Hercules would make a hell of a kit bash. I gotta keep that in mind. go over to the Milnet if you cant find it here. theres a virus going around so you you shouldn't trust any links for the time being.

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