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Randomness X: Glitter, Wolves, and Mighty Thews

Last Knight

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It has come to our attention that during our absence some forumites committed heresy.


Let it be clear that Bacon is derived from a Pig, Boar, Pork or Swine.

Any "Bacon" from other animals may be tasty, but is NOT BACON!!!

Any further imlplications of Poultry being Bacon will lead to WAR!!!!


We will not stand for this blasphemy!!!

The holy swine is the only provider of the glorious BACON!!!!


All Hail WOOF!!!!


On a side note , I've painted some more on the Countess..


Tonight BBQ!!!! ( with Pork!!)


Life can be good sometimes...

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Bacon war?

I remember the Bacon Wars. Fought for the Crisps. Took a fork to the knee. Ended my career as swine cavalry.


How I miss them little porkers.


/goes back to the pork soda in front of him


Edit: And can someone explain the "Before it's too late" thread? Looks like random movie quotes but off at points and various tangents.

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