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Randomness X: Glitter, Wolves, and Mighty Thews

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Sometimes I want to throw a bucket of icecold water over my neighbours.


They are actually a nice couple in their 30's and they have a little demon boy of 5.


Thing is they can't handle the kid.

The mother even asked us for advice a few times, sad thing is, she listens as well to advice as the kid listens to her :devil:


I can take it, no problem, but evey single afternoon / evening when we're in the garden we can hear the screaming, the yelling, the crying, or when it is a "good day" we can just hear how the little munchkin manipulates his mother to death...


I fear for the future. The poor little guy needs good guidance, but he's clearly in control.

That's a bad thing..


He is of course just a child an can be adorable too.

I have conversations with the little guy about his dinosaurs, his school etc...


The Icecold water....I would like to apply it to the stubborn parents who just can't keep the kid in check.


Oh well...Back to ignoring it, and having a good time anyway...




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Going to do some painting this weekend. Plan is to try to finish 2 figures.


Regular 28mm or one of the 54mm ones???


I have done some work on the Countess again.

Small steps..

Happy with the advice people gave...


We just had dinner, I fired up the BBQ.

Some nice salads, some Satey, a Steak, some chicken...*** Brps***

Drank an apple cider beer with it, nice and fresh.


Now let it rest and then for some dessert ....

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