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Randomness X: Glitter, Wolves, and Mighty Thews

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The nostalgia factor has been high this week! I've been simultaneously playing King's Quest 7, Final Fantasy 7, and the remake of King's Quest, and I'm about to start up a game as old as I am: the original King's Quest! :bday:


To make this trip to the past complete, I should also fire up one of the Quest for Glory games. Fred the Quick hasn't seen play in many a year, I should dust him off. ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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Hi, I'm Buglips D. Goblin.  You may remember me from such seminars as "Robbing Ritchie Rich: Secrets Of Day-Trading Small Children To Evil Witches" and "Unzapped!  The 7 Effective Habits Of Henchgoons Who Live".  I'm here today to tell you about an exciting new way to enhance your pussyfooting and discover a new, sneakier you...


You're the guy who taught Henchmen 21 and 24, right? Those guys are great! Not only are they genre saavy, but they've got that perfect blend of expendable and invulnerable that make for the perfect henchman! Well, until 24 decided to buckle up when he hid in my non-moving car during a battle and got blown up by the robot that I stuffed full of C4 when said robot stole my car so that he could return to the "good guys." Apparently his invulnerability wore out that time. 21 escaped, and managed to catch 24's burning head, but the whole experience changed him. Now he's SUPER AWESOME! He got buff, actually became competent at his job, and became really driven. And when you add that in with his previously stated "skills" of expendability and invulnerability it was a no-brainer to make sure he was promoted to my second in command!


Thanks, Buglips!


Got caught up to current on the B.P.R.D. trade paperbacks.  Gotta say, the way all the pieces of the various Hellboy universe books are advancing the story is pretty awesome.  I love that the writers have no fear in diving headlong into the Apocalypse and breaking a whole lotta eggs. I genuinely don't know where they are going to go with the story and that's pretty rare.


I really need to get a start on all of the BPRD and related books. I picked up one of the Abe Sapien mini series years ago and it was great, but I've never gone and actually read anything else.


Sometimes I want to throw a bucket of icecold water over my neighbours.


They are actually a nice couple in their 30's and they have a little demon boy of 5.


Thing is they can't handle the kid.

The mother even asked us for advice a few times, sad thing is, she listens as well to advice as the kid listens to her :devil:


I can take it, no problem, but evey single afternoon / evening when we're in the garden we can hear the screaming, the yelling, the crying, or when it is a "good day" we can just hear how the little munchkin manipulates his mother to death...


I was babysitting my niece and nephew last night into this morning, and my niece is around that age. This morning, when they both wanted cereal, they both wanted cinnamon toast crunch. But there wasn't enough in the box for both kids. As soon as I said there wasn't enough for both, she started doing the "cry and yell that I wanted it." Of course, I ignore that crap, but I also don't want to start an argument by picking one over the other arbitrarily. I had them go find a penny, and I told them I'd flip a coin to see who got the last bit of the cereal. As soon as she had a chance at the cereal, she stopped crying. Until after the coin toss, which my nephew won. Then she started crying again and ran to her room and threw a fit.


When my sister got home, I told her that my niece was in her room throwing a fit over cereal, and my sister says "Well, you know there's another box downstairs." To which I replied that it didn't matter, and she needs to learn that crying won't get her what she wants. There were other cereals already open, she could have one of them instead.






Good news: I'm feeling mostly better!


Bad news: I appear to have given my cold to my poor husband. :down: His throat is super sore, and his voice is pretty much gone.


He's currently communicating by writing notes and tossing them at me. :lol:



--OneBoot :D

Be glad he's not writing notes, wrapping them around bricks, and throwing them through the window. Though that is how Legitimate Business (TM Buglips Legitimate Business, Inc.) communicates with the "associates" that don't listen.


Fish brick!




I am not sure where the image is from, but I approve




Grumble... New MtG... Planeswalkers as cards, Neowalker bullcrap taking away all their power, changing the legend rule, no mana burn... *continues his old grognard rant as he stomps off into the distance* Fish brick is an awesome idea though...


Anywho, I think Lowe's has screwed up my stove order. It's at the store, I got the call from the installer, and had an appointment on Friday. Friday comes, installer shows up, takes measurements, and then goes to leave. I ask where my stove is, and he says the only paperwork he had was for an assessment, not an actual install. Says I'll be getting a call this week to pay for the install and set up an install appointment. Except that when I paid for the stove last Sunday, I specifically said I wanted to pay for everything, including the install, at that time. Either they didn't charge me for the install, or they didn't do the right paperwork. Either way, I'm going to be heading out there in a day or two and giving an earful and making sure I don't have to pay another penny for the install.


I should have had my stove on Friday, and I didn't get it! ME ARE ANGRY! ME WANT NEW SHINY! ME WANT NEW FIRE! NEW FIRE GOOD! OLD FIRE BAD!

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I've got a whole bunch of the disposable chopsticks, cause my local place always gives me 3 or 4 sets when I order, even though I mostly just order for me. I also picked up 4 (or 6?) sets of stainless steel chopsticks which see regular use.

Disposable wooden or bamboo chopsticks are about perfect for 28mm spars. For 28mm ships. Two chopsticks lashed together make an excellent yard arm.


Caught up at last.

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