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Randomness X: Glitter, Wolves, and Mighty Thews

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I don't care for spicy food. I like a little bit to enhance flavor, but I hate things that are hot just to be hot and cover all the other flavors because your mouth is on fire.

I accidentally bought Doritos habenero once, and I had ONE chip, and it was 6 months before I could taste and feel the inside of my mouth again.


I think they missed marketing opportunity - they could have sold them as weight-loss snacks with the slogan "Betcha can't even eat one!"


Are you tired of weight loss plans that count calories or control portions? Try new Doritos Habenero full sensory flaming assault HELL CHIPS! We guarantee you can eat as many as you want!*


*Doritos and the parent company are not responsible for damage caused by flamethrower mouth or spontaneous combustion. Consult a physician if your stomach temperature exceeds 2000 Kelvin.

What's funny to me about this is that I brought a bag of those with me when I had to babysit some kids one night, for myself, as well as a bag of regular doritos for the kids. But the kids accidentally opened the habanero instead. They ate one and freaked out, so I realized what they had done and went and got the other bag. Except by the time I got back they were happily chowing down on the habanero, running around with their tongues out and fanning their mouths after each chip, then going back for more. Turns out that they really liked the taste, but the heat was too much to just sit and eat them one after another. I think they ended up eating half the bag between the two of them. Then every time I went to babysit after that they kept asking me if I brought more of "those really hot chips." Since my sister was their babysitter 90% of the time they even started asking her to bring them.


Kids, man, they'll surprise you.

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Those who run the sites make the days???

Actually, for this one, when you get the National Geographic Society, the Association of American Geographers, the US Geological Survey, the Library of Congress, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard and the principal manufacturer of spatial analysis software, ESRI, all coming together to create a day focused on Geographic Information Systems, you have a pretty good lockdown on getting it to perpetuate.  And so it has since 1999.

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**** Sets the thermostat on freeze***


*** Takes the firehose and sprays the thread's floor with water, which now freezes***


*** Places a Camel in a giant rubber catapult contraption***


*** Fires the catapult***


*** Watches the results***


*** Notes: Camels Can't skate, obviously they can't brake either when on Ice and a wall is way tougher than a Camel***

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Huh. Hooman children are fireproof.



If you really want to harm hooman children, during the summer you should lay a strip of rubber about 20 feet long and 4 feet wide on the ground, preferably on a slight hill, and place a water source on the top side of it so that the water runs down the strip. Something like a garden hose should do the trick. It acts like some kind of lure, drawing them in until they voluntarily throw themselves on it and scream the entire way to the end. And then they do it again! You'll even catch some hooman adults doing it.


It's baffling, but it works amazingly well. And hooman stores even sell these torture devices in a ready-made form!

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Mo-ning Peeps,


It's a day. Nice and cool. The grumpy windows manager here is getting a taste of his own as I reply back to him with his same sharp attitude... I think he likes it.






THAT is where the Hamsters go at Midnight on Saturdays! I had wondered about that...

Sounds like his Great Friend is .... AN EVIL WIZARD!!! :wow: I KNEW IT! YOUR JEDI WAYS ARE A FARCE!!!


Hamsters are undercover Jedi's. Duh-doy. LOL 

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I tell you what! A sense of excitement always hits me when I open my mail box and the Micro-Mark magazine is in there. I've looked over their products many many times but I always enjoy flipping through the pages and highlighting the tools I want with a purple highlighter. ::D:

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