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[Group/Open] WIP Orcpocalypse

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Orcs! Gotta love orcs. While I didn't actually order the Orcocalypse add-on, we all get at least one copy of each orc in the Vampire package, so anyone can join in on this WIP. I figure this is a good one for an open WIP since there's probably about a 100 different approaches and color schemes to use on these guys.


I picked out 2 of the 5 orcs to start with. As a big fan of Blizzard and Warcraft, I plan to paint these guys up in that style. Depending on how these turn out, I may try something different on the others.


First step, washing, gluing, and basing:



I removed most of their integrated bases, glued them to a round base, and then used Liquiditex Resin Sand to fill in and give texture. This stuff is great; fills the job of molding paste and texture in one go. I could have probably saved another step by just mixing my base color into the mix. It's white here as I had just put it on, but it dries almost completely clear.

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Next step: base coats.


I started with the skin, which was a 1:1 mix of Turf Green and Viper Green. While that was drying, I put in some color on the ground, as I wanted to get the drybrushing on it mostly done before painting the orcs themselves. You can start to see the texture provided by the resin sand here.




Next I used LTPK 5's recipe for chainmail, and based the chain in a 1:1 mix of Ultramarine Shadow and Walnut Brown. I also put a base of Concrete Grey on the weapons, and did some drybrushing on the base, first using oiled leather, then terran khaki, and finally polished bone.




While doing the skin base coat, I discovered a few areas on big sword orc where the mold seems to have cast poorly. The fingers on one of the hands are really rough, and a few other spots needed some help as well. I didn't take close-ups, but I applied a bit of liquid green stuff over these spots to try to smooth them out.


I missed a set of WIP pictures here, so the next step has most of the base coats finished:





I've done the chainmail using Honed Steel, Polished Silver, and Pearl White. In all honesty, the highlighting is mostly a failure; it looks pretty uniform. I may give it another pass. Undecided yet.


Leather bits based in mahogany brown, and armor based on ruddy leather. The brown for the armor may seem like an odd choice, and it looks rather drab here, but you'll see where this is going soon...


Most of the furs are based in brown liner. The cloak-like fur on the right orc is based in a yellow, which is...way too yellow. I don't have a pic, but I redid this in a 1:1 mix of Palomino Gold and Linen White (edit: there may have been a bit of brown in here too, I was going for something close to GW Desert Yellow), which was much better. Again, seems like an odd choice, but will make sense soon.


After I took these, I discovered I missed a few spots of armor / leather. I also finished base coats on everything else (no picture). Pouch was (I believe) Oiled Leather. Boots were based using the same formula as the chainmail.

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Now the fun stuff! Detailing, and bringing these boring drab colors to life.


So there's a lot going on here. Again, forgot to take a set of intermediate pictures...ah well. Note to those following along: if you actually did get orcpocalypse, and having 30 some odd orcs to paint, don't follow my lead. This is going to take forever!


Boots were done with the same colors as the chainmail. Not happy with them. Metallic paints and I just don't get along. I may redo these using NMM.

The pic is terrible, but hopefully you can see where I was going with the cloak. I used this guide to try to get a more interesting fur cloak color. It didn't come out as well as the reference pictures. Note sure what to do about it at this point though. Once I get other things done, if I'm still unhappy with it, I'll maybe go back over it to match the lower furs and try this technique again on a different model. Lower furs will also need a warm glaze to get them to stand out from the chainmail.

Big sword orc's loincloth was based in red, but will need to be glazed with something to make it stand out from the armor. Haven't decided what yet; will need to look up some Warcraft orc pictures for ideas.


Skin shaded and highlighted on both. I used Clear Magenta mixed with some skin base coat color to get a shade color, which worked out very nicely. The shade really seemed to fit the color. I then started highlighting up by mixing some Moss Green into the base coat. I did another layer of just Moss Green, and finally a couple of highlights on the face with Moss Green mixed with some Pure White. Blackened Brown was used to help define the eyes and mouth. Upon further inspection, big sword orc's highlighting is a bit haphazard, and I'll probably make another pass at it.

Started on the armor on 2 sword orc. This step is going to take a lot of work. I slowly built up Blood Red over the base coat, being careful to leave shaded areas with some of the original brown, and doing additional layers in the highlight areas. Then I worked on finishing the torso armor to see if this was going to come out the way I wanted. I added some highlights by mixing Palomino Gold with the Blood Red, and finally a bit of Buckskin Pale to that. This recipe works out nicely for highlighting red.

Last step on the armor was to do an outline and the spikes in Concrete Grey. I then did some simple shading going down to my chainmail base, and up to Pure White. Now he's finally looking like a Warcraft orc. This is working out how I hoped, so I'll continue this on the rest of the spiky armor for both models.

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heh heh! Love it! That's a nice bright green!


I would also like to add the mold lines on these were tough. I ended up doing a combination of cutting with a knife and filing with those sanding needles. I now love love love those sanding needles!


I had to paint 5 of mine very quickly for a deadline(1 week! argh!), so didn't do any WIP photos- although when I paint the rest of them I can, if you want a step by step. Here's the general scheme:


Apparently I forgot to take a picture of the back of one of my orcs, so when I upload that this evening, I'll post them in showoff. The colors for the skin were Bathalian Chitin, IMEF olive and in the recesses a bit of marine teal. I can probably throw a quick WIP of one of these guys together this weekend if the color info or step by step would be helpful. I think the detail in the bones held up well except somewhat on the mouth on some of the models. It was challenging to figure out a few of the tooth patterns.


Gotta love orcs!

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Wow, you've DEFINITELY achieved that slightly-cartoony Blizzard feel, Slashhamster! Love the Big Bad Pauldrons (I think that's what they were called...) on the sword guy. Highlighting on his .. belly-plate(?) looks great too.

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Finished up the base red/grey armor coloring on both orcs. Whew, that was time consuming.






You can see now how much I need to find a good glaze for big sword orc's cloth. It's way too similar to the armor now.


The only other change in this step was a light glaze of oiled leather over 2 sword orc's lower furs. I wanted them to stand out a bit more from the chainmail, and I think this did the trick. I may do it once more, but will probably hold off until I do another pass on the chainmail highlight.


Hopefully next time I can get everything but the weapons finished up, including highlights on the red/grey armor, leather bits, and other misc. areas.

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I'll be watching this thread with interest. The clock is ticking on deciding how I want to paint mine, (just the Vampire ones; didn't get the full Orcpocalypse) since it'll determine what orcs look like in my semi-homebrew campaign setting. A few orcs put in an appearance in the first adventure, so I need to decide soon and get them painted up!


I'm leaning towards a sort of greyish-green, though I might go with a muddy green-brown too, or even something closer to a dark burgundy? Decisions decisions.

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I appear to have ordered 2 orcpocalypses (I like orcs, but man, that's a lot of orcs...) so I'll definitely be doing some up fairly soon.

I generally do my orcs in greys. May go with some dark grey/blacks with these guys, more like uruk-hai...


Slashhamster, love the colours on yours. Really nailed the WoW look.

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