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[Group/Open] WIP Orcpocalypse

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More progress on these guys, although most of it is subtle.






Decided the red on the loincloth just wasn't working for me, so now it's blue. Much better. It was redone using Breonne Blue, Ashen Blue, with a bit of Pure White mixed in to the Ashen Blue at the end. Looks a little too shiny in these pictures (almost metallic). Needs a glaze of something to tone down the highlights, and maybe infuse another color into it.


I completed the lining, shading and highlighting on the armor. I tried to make sure there were good clean lines for most of the red/grey armor to help sell the slight cartoon-y look. I probably missed a couple spots around the loincloth. I might touch those up.


I did some quick highlighting on the leather, horn and pouch. After the other steps, I was getting a bit punchy, and sort of rushed this. Highlighting was mostly done with Oiled Leather and/or Linen White. I used a bit of Blackened Brown and Walnut Brown to do a bit of shading and lining on the leathers as well.


Next up will be weapons, and a couple of random touchups I see I need. I want to try a slightly bluer steel look this time than my prior attempts...we'll see how it goes.


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Back in the day I actually messed around with bluing metallics. I saw my buddy do it and copied him on a few minis. I need to get more archived and uploaded for reference (not that I have a lot of good examples of painting from then hah).


Anyway, Polly S had a real nice pthalo blue that was very transluscent. Used to drive me crazy at the time (why can't I paint with this blue!?) but it worked great as a wash over a shaded metallic.


In some ways I was more advanced then I knew - the power of messing around with different ideas.

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So after the last update, the main remaining pieces were the swords, the basing, and the never ending locations I realized I missed. I swear every time I sat down to work on these, I found another leather bit, or metal adornment that I overlooked before.


First thing I did was a slight glaze of heavily thinned Sapphire Blue over big sword orc's clothing, to cut down on the sheen.


Next, I worked on the sword hilts using gold NMM. Here's some close-ups of the swords for reference:







The gold was done using Chestnut Gold, Palomino Gold, and Buckskin Pale. When I needed a little darker, I believe I used Mahogany Brown. For lighter, I added some Linen White. This close up, you can really see the gold is pretty rough. For whatever reason, I just can't get these colors to blend as well as the steel colors. At a distance, it looks good though. Someone in another post here somewhere mentioned this set of colors for gold NMM, and it really works perfectly.


After the gold, I moved on to the steel NMM. I used about the same formula as before: Pure Black, Armor Grey, Concrete Grey, and Pure White. I mixed a small amount of Sapphire Blue in. I started with 2 sword orc's sword over his head. The plan had been to rough in the regions using the two greys, however, once I started, I just kept going. As a result, I didn't stop to add more blue in as I had originally wanted to. One of the things I tried to do on these weapons (the photos don't show it as well as it does in person) is to make sure that the sides of the blade in shadow are shifted down towards the darker end in the color continuum. A better example of what I mean is here.


post-9097-0-82542200-1374514278.jpg post-9097-0-08906500-1374514279.jpg


Big sword orc's sword was done later, and so I remixed paint, and this time I added the additional blue right from the start. I think this is my most successful NMM by far. Same basic technique as the first orc. I also made heavy use of my desk lamp to help me visualize where the shadows would be, then generally just made the opposite edges of those in highlight. I shifted them a little since this blade is curved. This was mostly done by feel, as opposed to any sort of scientific repeatable process.


As a tip, if you're giving NMM a try, you almost can't make your paint too thin. Too thin is better than too thick. Too thin just means you don't see it, which is fine: do it again. It makes cleaning up mistakes easy. It also allows you to reglaze frequently whenever a transition dries and comes out too stark. The best advice I can give is just keep working at it, little by little. Step back every now and then and take a look. I get so caught up trying to smooth everything, that I don't stop and take the whole thing in at once. When I did that on this big sword, I went 'wow! How did I do that?'



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Last step: basing. Nothing really that exciting here. I snapped some quick cell phone photos this morning focused on the base for demo purposes:






I recently picked up some Woodland Scenics turf in a few different colors, and then mixed them together to get a blend. This is what I applied first. In a pool palette, I mixed white glue, a drop of water, and the turf blend together. This makes the turf somewhat clumpy and easy to manipulate. I glopped some on in random locations, and spread it out until I had a layout that I was happy with.


After this was partially dry (note: wait until this is fully dry in the future; trying to do more while it's still wet is a bad idea), I added a couple of ballast rocks in various sizes, some clump foliage, and a bit of static grass. I'm not really sold on the static grass I have. The color seems off. I see now I also have a few lose strands I need to clean up. I may skip this stuff in the future.


These guys were fun, but a lot of work. I may eventually come back and do the other orcs in this WIP, but it probably won't be soon.


I hope others add their orcs, as I'd love to see some alternate takes on these guys! Corporea's don't look much like mine, and still look awesome.

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