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[Group/Open] WIP Orcpocalypse

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I didn't dilute at all. And had to splay the stippling brush a little. Takes a bit of practice to get a nice stipple and not a splodge. I took care with the silver to think where the orc would rub silver bits and where he might have been hit by other weapons.


Thanks everyone :)

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So a black undercoat followed by three layers of varying brown as follows.


First I wanted to show the brush and the amount of splay. I have had to paint the rust first on the miniatures as stippling is far from neat.






The second of the browns shown on the palette and how it looks testing it on the palette in the second of these photos:






This is an orc with the first dark brown stippled:




Here the second brown:




Here the 3rd brown which I have now chosen to make a bit more orange to make the rust areas pop a bit more:




And here is the skin colour base I have decided on:



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I am going to have a go at producing some "flaking paint" from a weapon and shield:






Here are some WIP shots of the Orcs:


Rusty chainmail:




Old paint on shield, more layering, chipping and rusting to go:





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Boom! Got some highlighting done on the skin. The photos don't show the transition but its better than the photos. I think my bright daylight lamp wipes out detail. Table top they look ace. Really processing well with these :). The second Orc has also had some more done on metal, chainmail and clothing. Lots more detail to do and need to remove the face that make him look like his mouth is being blow by a wind machine.





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Really getting there. Thought these guys would be finished in a week but into week 2. That's ok though as I am really enjoying painting them! Might have to contemplate getting out the rest of the orcopalpse and basing them!!









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Glad I looked in here first. I love the rust on Dad's armor. I may have to borrow that idea!


I've spent so much time lately painting humans, I wanted something different. And this guy fits. I didn't want to stick with the typical bright green that you usually see with GW, so I looked around a bit, and decided to try some new stuff.



Skin is based with GW Dark Angels Green, then mixed with P3 Traitor Green. Then pure Traitor Green, and in a few specific places I mixed Traitor Green with P3 Midlund Flesh. A couple spots on the face got pure Midlund.


The rest is just basecoats - the leather is based with P3 Umbral Umber, the hides are based with GW Tallarn Flesh, and the fur is based with P3 Ironhull Grey.

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I'm thinking I'd like to do some weapon/shield swaps for some of these guys for some variety, but the weapon packs I currently have all seem a little puny compared to what they currently wield. Anyone have any recommendations on weapons packs (maybe something from the warlord ones?) that would be more appropriate? I have trouble judging the size of the weapons just looking at the sprues...

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http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/weapons/sku-down/03560 These are pretty large, if you recognise the Reptus Breaker club, there, it's a pretty big 2-hander.


http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/weapons/sku-down/P14235C Again, these are for Reptus so they're bigger than human-sized 1-H swords, and suitably vicious.


http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/weapons/sku-down/P14263A These are intended as 2-handed weapons.



http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Conversions/sku-down/03076 Spiked chains and accessories! 1 size fits most!

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