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The Faceless King

Catfolk Miniature with Guns

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Yeah, my wife is playing a Catfolk Gunslinger in out Pathfinder campaign. Any idea about a potential miniature. I could potentially do a head swap or some such, but the body would have to look good. Female would be good.




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Just did a quick search for "were cat" and some of them can be head-swapped onto a gunslinger or have a weapon-swap to sling a gun.


A little sculpting ability and the Weretigress could have a long coat and a pistol in no time. Though she could easily swap on to Ellen Stone's body.

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Mega Miniatures sells some.. well... quite frankly awful looking cat aliens with shootyguns.



Conveniently lacking any internal organs in her abdomen! I'd take a saw and some greenstuff to her malnourished tummy, personally, but it's you and your spouses call.


You're probably going to want to act quick to get her if you decide to go with her, because Mega Minis is going out of business and selling their molds. And don't worry,these figures are much nicer in person. The person who painted all their images was um... learning...


There's also this figure from Armorcast/Beumont.



Looks like a lemur to me, but they say she's a catgirl. Shrug.


And that's about all the help I can offer! :B

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