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Undertaker/retailer shipping update?

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I love you guys, you know that, right? I've defended you to other retailers griping about the delays (and the "can't get regular minis because of the KS" gripes). I realize things happen, the KS was probably way more successful than you accounted for...


That said, my customers are starting to gripe. I look bad, because customers who were direct backers have had their Bones for weeks now and I don't have them for the ones who missed the KS or wanted to buy directly from me. Add in some customers who are going to be moving away for school and I'm looking at flat out lost sales if they don't arrive on my doorstep ASAP.


While I would love to hear they are going out this week (it looks possible, but the ticker has given me false hope before), the least I need is another target date so I can have something I can tell my customers (and plan ahead for the arrival of hundreds of minis, you know what that's like, right?). Please tell me they are being blister packed while waiting for the RoW orders to ship (or already have been).


Again, I love you guys, I didn't back the KS as a business decision (because wrapping up $1,000+ for 7 months was not going to be a good investment, to say nothing of the extra 4 months), but I do need to see some information. I don't like looking stupid to my customers, it hurts me and you when I have to shrug my shoulders in answer to when the Bones will be in. Even worse, these are customers who are itching to spend money! The iron is hot, let's get to striking! Seriously, even though I love minis, they have been a hard sell in my area. I finally have excitement for miniatures, let's not lose it...

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I think the plan is still to ship the Undertaker/Retailer rewards as soon as all of the individual rewards are in the post


As of now they have 2342 orders still to pack for international backers(including undertaker level rewards for all countries) which at current rates will hopefully be done by the end of this week (shipping is a bit more tricky as they are still reliant on USPS trucks arriving)


so I'd hope they might be able to start blister packing the Undertaker rewards by the end of the week ?

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Orlando's numbers sound right to me. They did around 500 orders yesterday and have approximately 2000 left before undertakers.

Now hopefully they will be doing more than 500 a day (pretty sure they had to do some resorting of orders yesterday before picking due to USPS wanting to do them by country/region instead of order size) so they may get through the RoW orders in less time than that.

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As I said in my post, "running the numbers" on the tracker has proven to be nigh useless. Thanks, but I need an official answer on this one...

officially - we anticipate at this time being able to fulfill Undertaker levels by end of next week. Most likely before that even but I have been burned by best case predictions so I'm not giving the best case.
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