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I wouldn't have picked anything as "bronze" instead it reads as leather to me. The chainmail works well however.


This does remind me I should see about extra orc heads from Red Box Games' second KS, so I can do head swaps on these guys.

I was worried about that. I tried to put on the blue verdigris, but it was a really pale layer. I think I just need to up the highlights a bit more... well, fortunately I have several more orcs to go!


I guess I need a backstory on the heart tattoo. Something like... Kargrak the Shieldbearer had found the perfect Orcish companion- Grismah the Red, but she was tragically slain by the dreaded Blue Elf, Alamel Ranger, in an epic battle where she wielded her famed carving knife and defended her incredibly foul-smelling elk-heart stew, which was to be an anniversary present for poor Kargrak. Dismayed at the grisly scene, Kargrak vowed eternal vengeance on the BEAR, and had a blue heart tattooed on his chest in memory of Grismah and to mark the vow in his very flesh. Something like that. Plus it just looks so adorable!

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      It's that time of year for Orcs...but I already did that.  So it's time to get spooky instead!
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      Hello everyone, here are more pictures of my entry in the 18th Quarterly Contest. This is 77704, Cave Troll sculpted by Bobby Jackson. Congrats to the winners and everyone who participated. A big thank you to Reaper for organizing this colorful contest and 54 times thank you to those who voted for my creature.











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