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Stone Golems :: Marvel Team Up :: Interactive WIP


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Love what you're doing with Tony, but where is Thanos? Even a photobomb of Thanos would be appropriate for having Tony Stark in the picture. ::P:


"Photobomb" ... not much of a participator in current social media trends. However, taken as a literal concept ... hmmm.


I said it before, this thread is full of awesomeness. Great ideas and execution. Can't wait to see how Thanos and the Hulk Buster turn out.


Neither can I. What will I do next? I wonder.

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So I think Darkmeer brings up a good point with his post in jest above. Are you going to try to craft the Infinity Gauntlet for him?


It is a good point, and I was briefly undecided after reading your question. These are still just Stone Golems and I didn't want to give him gauntlets.


Overall I want them to be similar but unique. That's why I went with the two primary colors concept.


When you look at all of them in sequence:


They are still relatively uniform.
With the addition of the "boots" on Thanos, I might have already stepped away from the uniformity I was going with.


The question to I have to answer now is really kind of easy. Will the gauntlets make Thanos to yellow for what is primarily a blue character?


And for my answer, I think the bracers adequately cover the "gauntlets" and I'll stick to what I was planning.

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But, ub3r_n3rd, the gems are each a different color (Warlock & Infinity Watch fan, loved the Infinity Gauntlet/Infinity War storylines).


Thrym: I really like where you've gone with Thanos. I agree, he does break with your initial concept and keeping them uniform in how they are painted.


Then again, with your Thanos, I'm considering unabashedly painting/converting a stone golem to go with yours. Thanos is one of my favorite characters.

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Well, the matter is moot as here's the finished miniature on his unfinished base.






And a detail shot of the gear I broke up and placed on the base. I went with one of the pieces sticking out of the wood as if it had landed with some force.




I should be able to finish the base this weekend. Got some gift minis to produce next while still continuing to cover the massive amount of area on the Hulkbuster Elemental. He's HUGE!

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I know those gears! Looking good, Thrym!


Also, @ub3rn3rd: Making sure I was clear I was clarifying the gems, I have seen a dipiction of them where they were all blue and another where they were all red (both were fan art, not by me). I'll see if I can dig them up.

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