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Stone Golems :: Marvel Team Up :: Interactive WIP


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Darkmeer, notice that I got some glow around his eyes going?


Yes, yes I did. If it weren't for the trio and the open concern of yellow versus blue, I'd have recommended going higher with it.. My OSL practice looks soooo much worse than yours (being completely serious here!).


You've solidified my thought to do an Infinity Gauntlet Thanos from a stone golem. I promise it'll look different though!

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I made use of the Bones Accent stamp/mold from Happy Seppuku to add a last element representing Thanos' devotion to Lady Death.


I made the Giant Skull face and added it to the base.




I will try to finish him up and move back to Hulkbuster Elemental tonight. I just have to add a smidge of sand for moss and get the base painted.

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The Marvel Golems are Complete!

With the addition of Thanos finally being completed, the SIX Marvel Team Up Golems are now finished.

I present to you:

Marvel Golems - Heroes


The Thing | The Hulk | Colossus

Marvel Golems - Villains


The Juggernaut | Thanos | Doctor Doom

Thanos will be sent off to Show Off later tonight when I have the photo studio back out.

Will Hulkbuster Iron Man Earth Elemental be enough to tip the scales against some of Marvel's most powerful villains?

Hmmm. Maybe I can make a Reaper Bones based Marvel Army. Interesting.

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Thanks, Ub3r.


I am quite pleased with the whole project. That's pretty much why I decided to extend it with the Earth Elemental conversion.


Can't wait to stand him behind the gang so he can loom over them for the photo.

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Bangerang! They look super (heh) sweet all together like that. I love comic-inspired minis.


I wasn't a fan of the heavy black-lining on Colossus at first, if you remember, but seeing them all together, in context as it were, it is more than perfect. Awesome group.


I look forward to the huge, armored cherry on the sundae.

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You said you used your new basing stamps for all of their bases right?


Actually, I had the bases from last Christmas holiday sale at FRP.


The Bones Accent Stamp yielded the giant skull at Thanos' feet. GIANT HEAD!


It came out well and you can see a solid image of it in the shots above.


The paint on it came out well with the moss around it and algae mixed with dirt on it. The Show Off will have a close up of the completed base.

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Hulkbuster Earth Elemental Gettin His Gold On

I recently got the Learn To Paint Kit #3 (Intermediate: Non-Metallic Metal) from Reaper Miniatures and it included Palomino Gold. I had been dreading creating a proper gold for the Hulkbuster from craft paint yellows that can't cover or mixing a complicated series of drops from 5 or more bottles to get the correct color.


So YAY, I got it in one go. 4 drops of Reaper's Palomino Gold and 1 drop of Reaper's Sun Yellow.


Resulting in ...














THIS THING IS HUGE!!! So just basecoating him while moving other projects forward has been time consuming. But I will soldier on.


I look forward to going back over it with highlighting and shading. It will be a true test of patience and skill.


Side Note: He looks kind of like one of the Joker's henchmen with that semi-smiley face look he's got going.


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