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Palomino Gold is one of my favorites.


I've found that I'm using it quite a bit now too.



Sun Yellow is just way to bright to use on it's own in most fantasy applications. Thanos' basecoat and highlight are Sun Yellow but I added the peach/orange as the shade to bring down the brightness. Had I the Palomino Gold beforehand... prolly a different story.

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Basecoating finished!!! WOOT!


Might need to wait till tomorrow for detail work. Eyeballs are crossed. Heh.


Time to get some sleep. Might even have to wait until the weekend.


Gonna be wrapping tomorrow until we head to the in-laws.

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Yeah, weird time of year. Lots of time off, but less time to paint. I love spending time with the family, but my fiancee is wondering why I don't have lights up this year (lights up or base coat the survivors...).


Actually, she's awesome and doesn't mind that I burned the time painting instead. Since we aren't hosting this year (we hosted the last 5), I haven't even gotten a tree. As a huge christmas atmosphere nerd, this is killing me...

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Barely any interior decoration here as well. Fiancée's the cheerleader coach so neither of us has had much time or inclination. Managed tree and inside of porch. Zero outside decor.

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Had a quiet evening for a change, so I got started on Hulkbuster's details. I started on his chest.


First though, I checked around Google images for rock patterns in red with some striations that I liked.


I found this:




In that image you can see a variety of markings.


Here's my first test on his chest stones:




And from normal distance:




In there are some dark orange (mixed Palomino Gold, Carnage Red and Sun Yellow), dark red (mixed Carnage Red and Mahogany Brown), and along with greenish silver veins (mixed Light Blue, Grass Green, and True Silver).


Lighting minimized the silvery green, so I

might go back over it with some matte varnish to get the final look.



Thoughts? Theories on Brane Universes?

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After contemplating the previous attempts to create rock striations and patterns I decided to do some work towards "dirtying" him up a bit. Thus below you will find the upper torso, upper arms, head and abdomen are now "dirty."







I also did some color on the "chest arc" or gem. I added a greenish yellow to two facets and a glossy white to the other two facets with a blue flame delineating the facet edges.




The face needed more striations so I added more of the dirt and used the greenish yellow (mix of Sun Yellow and Blue Flame - unlabeled sample I got that looks like the new color in the KS). I added the brown to the entire piece of fossil in his shoulder after lightening the red that was under there with the greenish yellow.


All and all, he's getting closer and closer to where I want him. I've made small course corrections as I have tried to navigate how I want his surfaces to look. I prolly won't get to more of him before Paint Day.




So, anyone got any thoughts on how it's going? No one mentioned any theories on Brane Universes so feel free to expound this time.


Thanks for looking.


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Didn't get the pictures up for this after Paint Day because of the board move and the issues with the uploader.


I will try to sneak in some time with him soon while I continue work on the Dark Maiden tests and cleaning.


I also want to regroup my unused schemes for additional Golems here.  Just in case I pick up any more.  So tempting.


  • Sentinel / Galactus:  Purple w/ Blue
  • Captain America:  Bright Blue w/ Red


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