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Just finished my own sets of rats (needed some for my game).


I went with a set of white, brown and gray rats. All of them with "evil" red eyes.


I wasn't satisfied with the white ones base color and over done it with the black wash, so now I have light gray, dark gray and brown rats.


Turned out better than what I originaly expected. Even the eyes came out far better than would've thought. I also believe I've improved some of my techniques by working on these models, like properly thinning my paint with just the right amount of water (which is barely more than a damp brush).

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Oh for the love of... :blink:


Looking back at the picture in the OP, I counted twelve rats.


I painted nine.


I had to look at KS Bones list to confirm that I missed a set in my Vampire box!


Looks like I'm going to get a second chance at those white rats.

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