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77195: Mr. Bones

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Had a bit of a paint party instead of playing D&D this week. In the four-hour paint session, I painted up Mr. Bones from start to finish. For a quick job, I'm pretty pleased with him, although since much of his basecoat is P3 paint, he's very satiny and the photos show it. I may take some more shots once he has some dullcote, but we'll see if that actually happens.



Successes: rust on the shovel works pretty well. It's an easy effect, and I could have spent more time on it, but I'm happy with the way it looks (and I think it looks like it has wear in the right places).

Texture on the robes.Although the highlights are rough, they look like a roughspun fabric, which is what I'm going for. The effect is hard to see in the photos due to the aforementioned satin finish.

And he looks good in a short time!


Needs work: Again, highlights are rough. But, I think I'm starting to comprehend painting black a little better.

Luckily, the primarily black robes means there's not much shading for me to screw up!


Without further ado:




Can't wait to use him as an evil halfling cleric in my Eberron campaign, but don't tell my players!


C&C always appreciated!



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The shovel head is basecoated in RMS Muddy Brown and shaded with 50/50 Muddy Brown and RMS Walnut Brown, then liberally stippled with RMS Rust Brown, stippled with RMS Lava Orange (newer color and AWESOME, never thought I'd say that about an orange, but holy cow it's cool), then lightly stippled with Muddy Brown, Rust Brown and Lava Orange until it looks right. Then some streaks of RMS Aged Pewter for the worn spots, with some very light stippling of the Rust Brown and Lava Orange over the tails of the pewter streaks. It's a simplified version of an already simple process outlined by Jabberwocky on his blog...I used it on my rust monster, too, and I like it a bunch. Super easy, but looks pretty darned good.

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Lava Orange has been around a while.


But yeah, that effect looks great, and a perfect place to deploy it. Consider that idea stolen!

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