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60161 Ilnerik Sivanshin, half-elf: sculpt & paint D. Schubert


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Excellent as always, Mr. Schubert.


Some things I'm enjoying on first inspection.


The little areas you pushed the blue of the coat up high, the right elbow, left wrist, and the general upper jacket area. The glaze to black is something I've been playing with (it's somewhere on each of the 3 minis for my wedding gift project), but the highlight push is inspiring.


The definition in the face. It had to be fun taking it from sculpt to paint, because you can put the exact expression on him that 'the sculptor' intended :) The flesh tones are immaculate. I love the highlights on the face, is that pushed to a yellow?


And et cetera, the richness of the reds, the nice creamy lace, the subtle yet effective pants and spats. I even like the base, nice clean sculpt and amazing colors.


Each mini you paint is an excellent lesson. Thanks so much for just doing what you do.

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Thanks, everyone!


@ShadowRaven: I hope the figure is out by the time you get to play this adventure ... and I hope I haven't spoiled things for you! I was deliberately vague in my words, anyway.

@Cassu and @TheBucklandBrewer: Yeah, I had fun sculpting and painting that hair. It is surely a source of pride for him....

@Maglok: Oops, you're right about the title. Thanks! (Edited now.) The first-edition AD&D Monster Manual listed the devil Baalzebul as "Lord of the Flies (Lies?)"

@AnneO'Leary: The Bones Kickstarter has commandeered most of Reaper's working capacity for the past few months, I'm sure, but I hope this figure isn't delayed much longer.

@CashWiley: I pushed the highlights on the blues as if the fabric had some sheen to it, but I didn't want it to go too bright -- you can see in the cover art how much darker the suit is overall. The shadows go down to Nightshade Purple and Brown Liner. And the face is distinctive with its long straight nose and wide mouth, which I tried to capture in the sculpt and enhance with the painting. The highlights go up from Rose Shadow to Creamy Ivory and Linen White, so you're noticing the yellow playing off the blue. The reds include Burgundy Wine and the Reapercon special Big Top Red (a little more violet than Carnage Red). The adventure places him in a room with a stone floor, so I sculpted the base to match -- with some judiciously angled "fallen stone blocks" to play off the figure's slight angles -- and then spent about 2 hours overlaying browns, purples, olive green (like his eyes), golden-yellow, Aged Bone, etc. There's a bit of Olive Green in the lace cuffs, too. Thanks for the careful observations!



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