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09136 Walnut Brown (Kickstarter Paint Set 3) -- problem?

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walnut brown really is that dark! Here's what it looks like in wash on the left, compared to an artist's acrylic burnt umber on the right:


I use it as a stand-in for black- it's nice and warm, and covers beautifully!

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Oh, yes, quite dark. Walnut Brown is what most of my minis' pupils are, and it goes into a bunch of other things I paint, too. It's half of my favorite black recipe (yeah, I mix my own black...it's better that way), and it shades a lot of colors really nicely.



...the other half is P3 Coal Black, which is actually teal.

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Yep, I agree. It is that dark. This is an awesome paint that hits nearly every mini I paint.


A couple thoughts on using it:


- Want a good base for rich black hair? Don't use Pure Black, it is too flat. Instead use a 1:1 mix of Walnut Brown:Blue Liner.

- Walnut brown is a fairly neutral brown, just slightly to the warm side. As such lighten it with blue for a cool brown, red for a warm mahogany, or yellow for a rich golden brown. The possibilities are endless.

- Thinned it works good as a liner. Anne can correct me if I am wrong, but I am fairly sure that there is little difference pigment-wise between Walnut Brown and Brown Liner. The difference lies in the consistency (personally, I prefer Brown Liner for lining as it is extremely smooth).

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