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Ella has recieved a great deal of grief about her nose. I wanted to practice eyes and faces, so I started with her. I don't think she is the train wreck some make it out to be. She's certainly decent for the table. I'm still struggling with eyebrows and lips. (Groucho Brows) As always, I would enjoy your feedback.




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Meh. They can't all be super models. I actually really dig the idea of normal and/or ugly chick models. Some 'fluffy' people could be a nice balancer too. I realize beauty sells but one could corner the niche market for 'realistic' minis... :D

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The nose could add a cool storyline for why she is such a tough girl.


Once an extremely hot, up and coming singing act she pissed off the wrong man. Her and the love of her life were beset in their home in the country by the man's thugs. Her love was killed and she was beaten with in an inch of her life by the thugs. The men humiliated her, forced themselves on her and when they were finished they deformed her face so she would never forget. Little did they know that with the memory came a lust for vengeance.

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I haven't examined mine under magnification, but I'm not sure I have the "alien face" problem. If anything, I'm in awe of just how nice these new Bones look. Way better than the First 29.


I'll have to dig out the reported troublemakers tomorrow and look at them under the lens. If I don't have problem figs, it's not just lucky for me. That might mean fixing the problem won't need a mold re-do, and proper replacements may be more easily produced for those missing noses and so on.



ETA: Yeah, same problems here. For my hamfisted painting it's probably not going to make much difference, but yeah it is a significant defect.

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