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Some Talisman 1st and 3rd edition minis


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I actually have these two figures (with nowhere near as good a paint job):



Silly me, I thought they were Warhammer Fantasy Battles figures. I know I used the goblin for that once or twice.


Your paint jobs just AMAZE :wow:

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Darkstar, every time I see your work, I forget to breathe for a few seconds and have to do a manual restart. Love these!


Haha, I can't be held responsible for anyone going into hypoxia! Careful! Thanks man, I appreciate that for sure ::):


Fabulous painting. Great old sculpts. Lots of "look, here's my sword" going on. Great work and great memories.


Totally look here's my sword, that's great, love it! Thanks and glad to bring back the old gaming memories


I love your subtle use of color underneath your bold use of color. Just a joy to study.


Ah man, thanks a ton I work hard on that stuff, glad to see it doesn't go un-noticed because sometimes it really is subtle. The devil is in the details, and that's pretty much this whole hobby


Your NMM is well done. I am impressed with the effect on the goblins wrecking ball.


Thank you kindly, the goblin was the one I was worried about most actually since his sculpt was so plain, but in the end he ended up having the most character after all


Beautiful work! I still like that 3rd ed priest best, but the chaos dwarf is a close second!


Thank you, the priest had about twice as much time put in to him as these but to keep the time cost of this project reasonable we settled on going for metallics over NMM and the chaos dwarf along with the...warrior were both started early so still made it with their NMM intact. I like the way it looks for sure but it just is not time efficient to do so many minis in that style if we both want to see this project finished while we're still young.


The good news about that is I was looking for an excuse to improve my metallics and I have one now. I need to relearn all that I forgot about that style when I switched to almost all NMM back in the day. I was getting ok with metallics too! Now I find myself going back through old posts of mine and old notebooks looking for lost secrets I used to know...I'll get better with practice


Your painting is awesome, those sculpts don't desrve it!


Thank you! They have their appeal and when they're seen together on the game table it's very, very cool.


Very cool, my favorite so far is the Chaos Dwarf.


Thank you, he's one of mine as well


I actually have these two figures (with nowhere near as good a paint job):




Silly me, I thought they were Warhammer Fantasy Battles figures. I know I used the goblin for that once or twice.


Your paint jobs just AMAZE :wow:


Thank you, I think a couple of these could do double duty as WHFB troops for sure since indeed a couple of the 3rd edition Talisman figures were sold in box sets to be used for whatever purpose. I'm almost certain the goblin fanatic was part of one of those boxes come to think of it.


Love the sculpt on that goblin fanatic. Darkstar your paint jobs are awesome.


Thanks much, I appreciate it. I plan to have one more up by the end of this month, then a new month and new minis!

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Nice grouping...


Paint work, as usual, is fantastic DS. Love the rich tones, smooth blends, and the lovely NMM. Really dig that NMM gold on the "dwarf's" helmet.


I must say though, those sculpts are a real turn off. IMO, they look blocky, stiff, and disproportional. Man, I'm glad they don't make 'em like that anymore... Okay, enough of my groaning about poorly sculpted miniatures...


Keep 'em coming Sean.



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