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Some Talisman 1st and 3rd edition minis


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Ok, another day, another mini!




This time we have the Beastman from the Dungeon of Doom expansion.  Great name.  One of his abilities is to eat one (or more!) of his followers to regain life.  Very cool.  Not the most detailed sculpt in existence for a mini, but I tried to give him some "pop" where I could, while keeping it true to the card-art.  I never would have come up with the red fur/yellow skin combo myself but in the end I think it's interesting.





Amazing work!


Thank you!


Great stubble effect on the barbarian. He looks totally nonplussed: "Why yes. This is my axe. Thank you for noticing."


Haha, that had me laughing, well done!


First time I've looked at this thread was today, and I have to say how impressed I am with your skill and the details you add into these minis. Love how colourful you've made them to. Wonderful work!


Why thank you, that's very kind to say, I'm glad you're enjoying them ^_^


I think the pictures angle makes us miss that nice freehand on the shoulder pad?!

I like the flintstones beard and the reflection on the chain.


I know sadly...  I'll have to capture that angle in a future photo for sure, thank you


So hard) it's really amazing




It's been a long time since I saw any of these sculpts. You did a very nice job painting them.


The warrior isn't one of my favorite sculpts, but I love the job you did with the sword.


I appreciate you saying so, thank you.

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And here's the Black Orc from the City of Adventure expansion.  I think his sculpt holds up very well to today's standards even as old as he is.  I enjoyed painting this guy as hey, I just like painting orcs anyway and this one is very unique.




What kind of photo setup do you use? Great work consistently and your pics are showing it nicely.


Hey thanks CW. I use a 3 light setup and a GE A1455 14.1 Megapixel to shoot with. I use an OTT Full Spectrum light above and to the left for overhead lighting.  I use a Verilux Happy Light (Full Spectrum) on the right and ground to illuminate cast shadows and I use a warm incandescent spotlight in an old adjustable lamp for head on illumination.  No flash on the camera and macro on.  Over the years I've come up with this but it's taken all those years to really be satisfied with my miniature photos.  It's an art in itself and I'd have to make a whole post to really get into that haha.  It really does take experimentation and practice haha.


Long time no see nice to see you're back posting. Nice work.


Thanks CS.  It's nice to be back posting as always.  The holidays come and go every year and then I can get my e-life back once the smoke clears.


I love that metallic effect.

 Hey thanks MC, I appreciate it.


Holy cats! Fantastic work.

 Thanks Loim, holy cats indeed haha!

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