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Noraland Fairy Princess Ballerina Infantry

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Tom Meier of Thunderbolt mountain sometimes has his children do design work for him. He's started a line of Theoland minis (including the infamous 'Slug-eat-your-face' and Ninja Cannon) and Noraland- whose primary infantry are the Fairy Princess Ballerinas you see here.
These minis are tiny, and their faces are so expressive.


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I really like how you painted them. And the basings are cool, too.


Only miss cool wings.

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Pure fairyland from top to base! Love the soft colours, the bases and the smooth paintjobs.

Very nice work on all the tiny faces!

Never seen these figures before, but they really look like an awesome and unique project! Would look great in a diorama I think.

Well done :-)

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    • By 72moonglum
      So here's the accompanying elf guy that was in the same set that the female elf that I painted a few days ago came from.  They both actually had a little sprue of extra items you could put in their hands, but of course I didn't put anything in their hands. Why, you ask? No idea, I think it was the fact that I would have to choose one of them.

      and here they are together:

      Just like the maiden, I couldn't bring myself to paint eyebrows on the guys, because the faces are so small and delicate, I didn't want to put some huge unibrows on them.
      So, if I don't get anything else painted before the yuletide, Merry Christmas everybody, and Happy New Year if I still don't get anything else finished by the end of the year!
    • By 72moonglum
      So here is one I've recently finished, a Thunderbolt Mountain Elf maiden miniature.  I really love Tom Meier's miniatures, but they have such fine detail and such small eyes it's hard to get in there even with a small pointy brush.
      I wanted to give her light clear colors, so hopefully that worked out.  The one other item on this was being she was blonde and her face is so small and delicate I didn't give her eyebrows, which I normally would do.
      Anyhoos, have a look, hope you enjoy:

    • By EvilJames
      Malak breathed the cold air and smiled. This day had been long coming. The journey to the Frozen City had been difficult, wizards of his like had difficulty procuring supplies in the so called civilized lands, even in the rough towns near Felstad. Still, goblins could adapt to any situation and this one was no different. The eclectic band he had managed to scrape together stood with him now on the outskirts of the ancient ruin, ready to stake their claim at the riches that lie within. His first in command was his apprentice Grubb a Weiben goblin from the Reaping lands to the south.
      After him was Murdo an infantrygoblin of the Heartstabber tribe of Impact Crater in the Oldhammer Mountains, and a likely candidate for leadership over the rest should it be required.

      Polg and Mog were Manorheim goblins from just north of the Reaping lands and reasonably useful with a bow and axe, respectively.

      Gik and Moosh were from a nearby Bighead tribe. While both were foolish creatures, Gik was good with his bow and Moosh was quick with his feet and his dagger.

      They were also good with animals. Fearful and mistrusting of dogs they had brought with them giant rat creature they had tamed and named Squeaker.

      His final member was a brute of a goblin named Malg from the Thunderbolt Mountains.

      Louts and fool’s the lot of them, but competence cost gold, and that was coming soon. Besides if they die, at least he'll be able to buy better help on the next excursion.

      Unfortunately, Murdo had been less competent than hoped, dying shortly after impaling the "mouse wizard" on his spear. The Manorhiem goblins suggested calling in a trap expert from their village by the name of Grinner. Hopefully this one will prove more useful.

    • By Pingo
      These gorgeous wolves (Thunderbolt Mountain 8560) are the nicest giant wolf sculpts I have ever seen. They are by the legendary Tom Meier.
      They are pretty big.  I mounted them on 1.5" fender washers for extra stability.  Tom Meier sells optional goblin riders for them.





      WIP thread with extensive color notes, painting details, and comparison to other wolf figures here.
    • By Jasonator
      I started out this miniature without a clue as to what I was going to do with it.
      I had NO idea what it was, and so the first thing I did was create a WIP to get some guidance as I progressed
      through painting the mini.  I was absolutely clueless. 
      In a short time of working on it, the Meier touch came through and the pure humor, and skill of Tom was
      guiding my hands (if not my chuckles).  Ideas came along with encouragement of our friends on the Forum.
      So rather than keep filling an already full bucket, here is my painted  interpretation of Tom Meiers "LITTLE WOOLLY".
      Your comments, and opinions are greatly appreciated.
      You can find the WIP in the Works in Progress session.
      The base is made from a very old piece of Oak Bark.

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