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How do I Start?

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Thanks for linking, though that breaks for me. (Looks like there is a space that doesn't belong). I really should do a second one that answers these questions better.


What Rules to buy?

Both rulebooks have all the rules in them, so that needs not affect your choice, instead the army lists should determine your choice.


Warlord 2E offers;

Crusaders: paladins & angels

Dwarves: well they are dwarves

Elves: high elves

Nefsokar: mummies, desert raiders and Egyptian mythology

Reven: orcs, gnolls and other evil humanoids

Reptus: lizardmen and other reptilian humanoids

Mercenaries: pirates, Arabian myth, vikings and others

Darkspawn: demons & evil elves (includes drider but the elves have less of a typical drow look)

Necropolis: vampires, zombies, skeletons and other undead (except mummies).

Overlords: anti-paladins ruled by a lich


Savage North offers;

Bloodstone Gnomes: crazy evil gnomes & constructs

Wood Elves of Tembrithil: elves & fey

Dark Elves of the Darkreaches: evil ice elves (with a solid drow look) & shadow demons

Dwarves of Kragmarr: dwarves with a Norse feel.

Black Orcs of Kargir: orcs & other evil humanoids.

Frost Giants of Icingstead: frost giants & cold weather human barbarians

Koborlas of the Nornwood: werewolves & similar

Sisterhood of the Blade: all female "good" humanoids and angels.


If you don't care about a faction I recomend you get Savage North just for the hardback as a more durable product that you'll want at the table all the time is a good. However while I prefer its layout I have seen reports of others finding it troublesome to read, so you may prefer the simpler clearer Warlord 2E layout.


What miniatures to buy?

For official tournaments you must use Reaper models, however you are allowed to use any Reaper model you like as long as its clear to your opponent what the model represents. This gives you a lot of options, I've started thinking of switching those Frost Giants for Fire Giants for example.


What about bases?

Unusually for a skirmish game Warlord uses square bases; 25mm, 40mm and 50mm. However if you are not planing on playing in tournaments any consistent basing size agreed on by the players will work.


What else do you need?

At least a couple of d10, up to 10d10.

An open area to play in I recomend 4'x3' as a starting point.

A cloth and some books (put the books under the cloth and have instant hills) and some other things to represent terrain like forest and water features. You can always get fancy and use actual terrain later. If you have a stash of DnD maps or dungeon tiles these will also work as well.

You also need an opponent. ;)

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Thanks a ton for all the info guys. Ordered Savage North today and I am now anxiously awaiting it's arrival. I didn't really have a faction preference so it basically came down to the hardcover durability. I could have saved quite a bit with regular 2e but there is just something about a hardcover core rulebook.

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I am in the same basic boat, but I am most interested in elves for my starting army, so i have to ask before i buy rules. What is the difference between the high elves and the wood elves?

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You'll actually find a bit of crossover between the two when it comes to the datacards; all 3 centaurs cards are found in both lists, as are the hunting cats and the faeries. The Tirithial elves are more arcane blast-em-up magic and long ranged firepower than the Tembrithil, with fast, skirmishing-style troops. The Tembrithil are more geared towards stealth, short-ranged attacks, and are more heavily oriented toward creatures of the forest.



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