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When you are feeling a bit Chaotic, it's time to change hats.

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Some days you feel like an Autobot. Some days you don't.



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I used to paint Matchbox cars and such when I was little. :)


Of course, I only own a few Transformers. My step-son's G1 Optimus Prime. A Pepsi Promotional Optimus Prime (just like the G1 except his trailer can carry a 20oz. bottle). And a few odd balls and "gifts" from people. Like the Ram from Beastwars. Because I am an Aries. LOL


I doubt I would paint them ... but when my skills improve ... who knows. :devil:

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    • By Pochi
      This mini is just silly. I suppose he could have been wearing a body suit but painting him naked was funnier. I have no idea what I am going to use him for but I feel like I need to work him into my d&d game. He would be hilarious as the big, endgame boss! I will probably just have him be some weird sideshow guy somewhere.



    • By Pochi
      Here is the battle mage from Bones 3. He was a lot of fun to paint and I love the pony so much! I want a whole herd of ponies! I painted him up very flamboyantly with bright colors and gave him a pattern on his robe. I also tried doing a worn leather look for his hat. He is so cute!
      I give you Randalf the Red and his pony Pumpkin.







    • By Glitterwolf
      Glitterwolf proudly presents Kabuki's Bonny Ann Pirate Queen Bust.
      WIP here for those interested
      She comes with different options.
      One fully clothed with hat and bustier and one topless.
      The Macaw was also optional.
      Here is the Hatless and NUDE version, LINKED:
      The safe back and mug shot:



      Here is the Clothed version with all options.


    • By Arc 724
      Frodwine the Young by Red Box Games
      Sculpted by Tre Manor
      I painted this one in an effort to cross two or three lines together; 1800 trapper, Final Fantasy wizard and Nordic(in terms of the way Tre Manor sculpted it). I wanted to try some OSL on this one so I went with making his eyes glow. I was "o.k" with the way it turned out. The base is a metal base from a set I got in the Box-of-goodwill a few boxes ago. I'm on a NMM kick right now so no TMM on this one. Over all I am luke-warm with out this turned out. The matte varnish (Vallejo) kind of glossed up for some reason when I sealed it... You live and learn. Hope you like it.

    • By Jaws
      This one might be my new favorite mini.:    They just don't make guys like this anymore. He does not bleed. He does not have time for such sissy things. He chews tobacco a box at a time..  In fact, he's so much of a sexual tyrannosaurus that he had to be mounted on the base of a friggin' horse.    Although, I do not remember the name of his weapon.. I do remember the sound it makes when it takes a mans life.

      This is Sergeant Blaine Cooper, along with his trusty side-kick, bringing the payback.:  
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