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[Group/Open] Bones Harpy (Warning: Bare Breasts)

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Here is the Bones Master List 'Let's Paint Reaper Bones!!!!!' of all WIP of the Bones Miniatures.



Personally, I prefer Harpies to look more like in this comic: Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic


So I started yesterday to change my Harpy.


Here front side you can see >>here<<


I need to change the back of her. I'm not sure if I try to sculpt feathers or try to use my 'Dremel' to make a normal back.


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    • By MojoBob
      I thought it had been too long since I painted a fantasy figure, so I reached into my Big Bag O' Monsters and this was the one that came out.
      (Full multi-angle image linked due to excessive boobies):

      It's 77041 Harpy by Julie Guthrie. As usual for me these days, it's one of the plastic Bones miniatures, and if you want one it will cost you the princely sum of about three of those Yankee dollars.
    • By Pragma
      My family and I recently watched a lovely tv series called Ronja the Robber's Daughter. It was co-produced by studio Ghibli and based on a novel by the author of Pippi Longstocking. It was a really sweet show, thoughtful and gentle, with a strong young female protagonist. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. Anyway, one of the antagonists that featured prominently were harpies, and I really liked the design. Here is an example:

      So I was inspired to try to reproduce it with my own harpy. Unfortunately reaper's version is not suitable for the board due to bare breasts, but I can include some pictures from the back, and a link to a 360 degree view:

      Here is the NSFW LINK to the 360 degree view. Comments welcome and appreciated!
    • By Corporea
      I created this monster from a mix of bones (eyebeast, mockingbeast, harpy, nightspectre, ape demon, bed,) hands from the kingdom death phoenix, sculpey, green stuff and plasticard.  I have a WIP here.  
      This was a great deal of fun to sculpt and involved a lot of scary background music to get me in the mood.  As a kid, I had an overactive imagination, so I can completely empathize with the kid under the blankets.  I even tried to fool the monster under my bed once by dropping a pillow off the back of the bed while I made a flying leap for the lightswitch by the door!  






      Enjoy!!  C&C always welcome, and I'm happy to answer any questions.  I'll be bringing this fellow with me to Reapercon, so feel free to come pick him up and look closer!  Also, if there's anything that doesn't look right, let me know- I still have time to fiddle with it.
    • By Evilhalfling
      Starting with the last, and my first NNM sky and earth NNM. 

      I know the shield line is the wrong angle, I should have gone way more horizontal, but I wanted pictures of how good it looks now. 
      She may o on the shelf of shame, for all her beauty. 
      I'd love some feed back on her BTW ... 
      Second to last.  this guy was a lot of fun, but not sure about the chest armor.
      Others - some better some worse: 
      Ill update with group shots either all the bones, or possibly all the figures I finished this year (80ish?) 

    • By Sanael
      Finally getting a moment to sit down and post this!

      This (like it says in the title) was my Summer exchange mini for Falstius.

      She was very fun to paint, and I'm pleased with a lot of what I did here. She was the guinea pig for a new dark skin recipe that I'm veeery happy with, and I also like the execution of concept on her: the bird half of the harpy was based off a California Condor. I figure Harpies are not meant to be pretty creatures, so basing her off a parrot or even a sparrow wasn't really appropriate. I came down to Starlings (one of my least favorite birds in North America), city pigeons or some sort of carrion bird.

      Once I decided on carrion bird, it was a simple matter of going for one with more visual interest than a turkey vulture, so California Condor it was! I didn't want to alter the skintones of the human half, so her hair had to be pink to get in the flesh color of the condor's head. I think it came out pretty neat, and I hope it terrorizes some players for Falstius!

      A back shot to tease y'all into clicking the link below:

      And the link because this bird has mammal parts:
      Caw! C-Caw!
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