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[Group/Open] Mocking Beast

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What did you do to get the wet, glossy, salivating all over itself, effect? Some sort of varnish?

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I've been using texture paste and it's a bugger to get right. I might have to try liquid greenstuff.


Not necessary. There are very good cheaper alternatives:

Revell Plasto

Vallejo Plastic Putty

Tamiya Putty

Green Putty

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What did you do to get the wet, glossy, salivating all over itself, effect? Some sort of varnish?


Yep. Gloss Sealer or Gloss Coat. Regular old Varithane might not play nice with acrylic paints; stick to Liquitex or some artist-safe brands.

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What did you do to get the wet, glossy, salivating all over itself, effect? Some sort of varnish?


Yes, Gloss Varnish would do this job, but this time I used Army Painters Strong Quickshade.


What colors did you use for the pink gums? It is the most believable i have seen.


Reaper's Old West Rose (09283), I got this color from the Reaper KS, but you can get it in the Reaper Shop, too.

After it Strong Quickshade.



I painted 21 mini's this weekend and just quickshaded them. I want to start friday during our painting session with the highlights and make the error corrections. I think I will use my fotos to find every error. :-)


I will start to look after pictures with orthodontic braces and give this mockingbeast a chance to eat his dentist.

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    • By bluecrowlaura
      Here's a little quick-paint mimic that I finished up this week. I love this mini, and I want to paint another later, when I have more time.
      We've been completely snowed in here in Seattle, and you'd think that would mean I'd get more done, right? No. With the husband working from home and the entire schedule in shambles, I've had a hard time managing any painting at all. But the Jan/Feb Challenge deadline is approaching, and I have to get a couple more done...!

    • By MagicBrew
      Painted up a Mocking Beast last night.

      I really like this sculpt, a little more than the Nolzur's Mimics that are based on the D&D 5e Monster Manual art. He deserves a bit of the horror treatment, maybe a little more than I was able to provide. But rather than use the traditional intense colors, I added flesh tones into the purple tongue and the magenta gums for a little more "realistic" look.

      I copped the wood technique straight from Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic. More or less it involves painting up from dark brown into a very orange brown, painting what are essentially wavy highlights all over the wood grain, and then glazing over a sepia ink at the end.
      You can see that better in this one:

      I'm still learning a lot. Started in November. But I'm quite proud of this figure.
    • By Corporea
      I created this monster from a mix of bones (eyebeast, mockingbeast, harpy, nightspectre, ape demon, bed,) hands from the kingdom death phoenix, sculpey, green stuff and plasticard.  I have a WIP here.  
      This was a great deal of fun to sculpt and involved a lot of scary background music to get me in the mood.  As a kid, I had an overactive imagination, so I can completely empathize with the kid under the blankets.  I even tried to fool the monster under my bed once by dropping a pillow off the back of the bed while I made a flying leap for the lightswitch by the door!  






      Enjoy!!  C&C always welcome, and I'm happy to answer any questions.  I'll be bringing this fellow with me to Reapercon, so feel free to come pick him up and look closer!  Also, if there's anything that doesn't look right, let me know- I still have time to fiddle with it.
    • By enkor448
      Hey all It's been a bit. Did the Mocking Beast a few weeks ago so I thought I'd just toss it in to. Both were really fun to work on.


    • By Mutilatedlips
      This would be my first Bones mini painted. I don't remember seeing a metal version of this at the time I purchased (at least over a year ago), which was the only reason why I picked up the bones. Now I am seeing a metal version, so somehow I must have missed it.
      Anyway, painting on Bones was frustrating and the effort put into it was cut a bit short due to that frustration. I don't really look forward to the handful more I have and have coming from Kickstarters.
      Hopefully this will be the last mini painted with the cruddy camera I have. Looking for something that takes sharp pics for under $150 if that is possible. Any recommendations would be appreciated.  



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