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Uh-oh (Deathsleet)

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Took Deathsleet out. He has a bit of a bent back leg. But I popped his wings on and he stood up fine. Buglips obviously got a dud......


20minutes later he fell over. And won't stand back up he's bent out of shape. His legs are gradually going back now without weight bearing.


Going to have to boil, drill, pin and base.

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I painted one Deathsleet for a commission, and had no problems.


I have another two for my own use, and neither has a problem.


But one of my friends has a Deathsleet that does have the problem.


I solved it for him by sculpting a rock outcrop out of blue insulation foam, fixing the left foreleg to the 'rock' to give a three point base.


The result looked nice enough that I think that I will do the same with one of my Deathsleets.


For the Jabberwock... I think that I will use a Woodland Scenics tree - so that he is wuffling through a tulgy wood.


The Auld Grump



Photo of rock out cropping for inspiration would be very much appreciated? :)

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Ok, as promised now that I have returned home to my Bones, I am checking out Deathsleet. I have assembled her and while she is a little knocked kneed and both her feet are not completely flat, she seems stable enough. I did note that her legs appear to be softer than some other parts but that may be due to thickness and length. I have not boiled her and may never as I plan on basing her for Warlord anyways.


I have noticed others saying it took a while for her to become unbalanced so will leave her out overnight and hope she does not abscond with the wife's jewelry to set up a hoard in the freezer.


One question I have for those with the weak ankles; could it be temperature related? My basement is somewhere in the 70's as far as temperature goes, are your work areas significantly higher or in direct sunlight? Just a thought.

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It seems that some poses work well in metal, but not with the rubbery bones material. I don't have deathsleet, but I do seem to be having a similar issue with the griffon. The two back legs are not nearly solid enough to take the unbalanced weight of the body and wings, so hard as I may try to fix it, it just keeps tipping forward. It seems reaper still looks at their sculpts from a metal point of view, not a plastic one. Or they need to get a new formula for their plastic, like a proper hard plastic similar to that used by Privateer and Mantic. I'm hoping that pinning will work on the griffon, if it doesn't I may have to sell it and buy a metal one instead.

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I think things will get better when production moves in-house and as Reaper gets more comfortable with the material and what it can and can't do. Also I suspect that with the expansion of the Bones line, more sculpts will be be designed with the limitations/strengths of the material in mind. Most of the sculpts from the KS were in production in metal and were commissioned with that in mind.


I'm also wondering if the excessive bending problems have something to do with boiling changing the rigidity of the plastic. I didn't have a problem with either Deathsleet or my griffon, but then again haven't boiled them or tried to change their default position. Could be the boiling affects the thinner pieces more (the ankles of Deathsleet and the griffon) and the resulting weakening allows them to bend under their own weight.


I am loath to experiment on Deathsleet as I seem to have a good one (still standing after a week), but I do have two griffons. I've only checked one out so far. In the interest of science, I may have to boil one and see what happens.

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Ok so now I've recieved, sorted and assembled my Bones I have my personal observations.


Griffon (3) all stand well. Check for warping in the base. Will stand great in a 40mm or 50mm base if you glue them to it.


Jabberwocky (1) was significantly bent towards flat. I did not boil, I simply removed him from his base and glued him to another I had at hand that allowed me to support him by tail and both rear legs. Will need some ballast for sxtra stability.


Deathsleet (1) is pidgeon toed. I glued him to a 40mm base and he stood perfectly. I've since removed him and will be building a larger base for him to suit the 50mm base he needs to be on for Warlord.


General observations;

There is a large variation in the hardness of the material in these Bones. I would guess different mixes have gone through with little QC between tyem resulting in great variation. For example the "Lolth" model has quite hard legs (intended I assume so she supports her weight) and Kaladrax's skull is made of softer material (mine is only slightly softer than normal Bones) and then I have models that range through that spectrum, but most models are normal from my experience of the product range.

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