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Reaper / Studio 2 Deadlands Hell on Earth Minis

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I know I asked this on the other thread, but I wasn't sure if you caught it or not. Would you mind doing a tutorial on how you do your signs, armor pieces, etc and how you get them to scale (or share with us a template of what you have?). A step-by-step guide would be awesome, or even a tutorial you know of that you followed to do it. I have a modern diorama that I'll be making for my gaming buddy which has Action Jackson and 3 "ladies of the night" in it, but I'd like to do some modern basing stuff and I also need to find a car that will fit the scale of the pieces (like a Cadillac) - will need to probably go to a toy store or something to find a car the right scale.

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Here's my first actual Deadlands: Hell on Earth miniature from the Kickstarter painted up, using Jodo Kast's color guide for reference.  This one is the Witch from the "Leader of the Iron Alliance" pledge level (i.e., a "vanity" mini added to the line as per the pledger's specifications, of which there were 3 in the line in total).  While this is manufactured by Reaper, I can't actually find where it's for SALE anywhere.


S2P80018 Iron Alliance #1: Witch




As per the color guide, the figure is primarily in green and black (or dark grey, technically), with a bit of a "goth" look to the hair and makeup.  The base is a 25mm round "industrial" base from War Cast Studios ( http://www.warcaststudios.com ), painted up in "rust" spots and with a bit of printed caution striping glued down.


Re: ub3r_n3rd -- vehicles:

The "right scale" is a very subjective thing when it comes to matching up toys or models with game miniatures.  I've seen a number of calculations done that purport that the "correct" scale is anywhere from 1:72 to 1:48 for these minis, but the bottom line is just what LOOKS ABOUT RIGHT next to your minis.  If you were to do a careful conversion based on the conceit that an "average" character should be about 2 meters tall, you might end up with a particular ratio that you'd try to match up with an appropriate model ... and then find out that the vehicle still looks somehow TOO SMALL for the character to fit inside (because the figure has thicker limbs and deeper definition than what you'd get if you were to take a life-sized mannequin and somehow magically shrink it down to "heroic" 25mm scale).  Plus, there's the matter of the false boost to height that the thickness of the base grants.


For Chronoscope, I've found most of the figures to be in the neighborhood of about 32-34mm measured from bottom of feet to eye level.  (I think it's fair to say that it's stretching the definition of "25mm scale," but I can understand the tactical reason for still billing it as such for game stores.)


In my personal opinion, I think that 1:50 or 1:48 scale vehicles look best next to Chronoscope and similarly-scaled minis.  However, if I want a bunch of vehicles for a zombie-apocalypse campaign, I'm going to have a rough time finding 1:48 scale (which is more commonly used as a scale for tank model kits) compared to how fairly easily I can find toy cars in 1:43 scale.


1:43 scale is visibly too big, I think ... but arguably close enough for horseshoes, hand grenades, and miniatures gaming, as long as ALL your vehicles are 1:43 scale, and you don't put your car right up against a piece of terrain that is demonstrably too small compared to it (such as a modern building with a garage door opening that couldn't possibly hold your 1:43 scale car).


If you're doing some sort of Action Jackson diorama, you might be forgiven on the scale a bit if it's a "muscle car" and it's a bit larger than it should strictly be compared to the figures.  It's just "bigger than life," after all.  ;)

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Addendum to my earlier post regarding the Reaper-manufactured, Studio-2-distributed "Hell on Earth" minis: Yes, they ARE available for sale.  It's just that I was having trouble finding the magic keywords on Studio 2's store to actually find them.  You have to go down under Category and select "Savage Worlds" and then "Miniatures" and then "Hell on Earth Miniatures."  For whatever reason, they are NOT listed under the master category of "Miniatures," and keyword searches for "Hell on Earth" or even "Miniatures" won't get any hits.


Still, here's the link to the list of figs available: >>> http://www.studio2publishing.com/shop/index.php?cPath=25_201_215 <<<

EDIT: Link no longer works.  Sorry!


Price is $6.99 each ... which, sad to say, I find to be a bit pricey.  (I've been spoiled by Bones, I know!)  Still, I guess I can't say it's unusual for pewter 32mm scale minis these days.


Jodo Kast's "witch" is just labeled as "Iron Alliance Figure 1 (female)."  The rest of the Iron Alliance minis are similarly without much in the way of description.  Also, "Iron Alliance #3" (female adventurer) is shown as a green holding two knives; the actual figure has the left arm as a separate piece, and includes two alternate arms.  I'm assembling mine with the alternate "hand holding flashlight" arm ... and painting the figure up in Dora the Explorer colors.  :)  (I've made some progress on that, but I need to do some more detail work before I'm ready to put that one up for "show 'n' tell.")


The Studio 2 line-up shows greens for each of the figures, with the exception of "Waster 1" (who looks suspiciously like 80009 "Rex, Dark Future Hero" -- pose and all), and "Waster 2" (one of those "big wrench girls").  I didn't actually GET those figures as part of my Kickstarter (since, hey, I already had Rex and Rosie), so I have no idea how the actual minis compare to the cartoon pictures.


I really like the weapons sprues; it's a shame that the photo only shows ONE of the sprues (the stop sign, crowbar, etc.), whereas the other one has the really detailed pieces (the reverse crossbow, arm-mounted crossbow, sharpened hubcap, etc.) that would make for some interesting conversions.  I plan on using these to convert a few more Bones into "post-apocalyptic" mode.

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Hey, I realize this is from an old post, but does anyone happen to know the name of the character depicted in the cartoon clipping posted above (by Jodo Kast) of the "witch" character in green with the black-and-white hair and oversized gauntlet?  I've gotten back to working on these figures again (after a hiatus spent catching up on Super Dungeon Explore expansions) and I thought it'd be nice to know what the name of the design-inspiring character is.  Thanks!


The character went namless for several years, I simply called her "goth girl". Then a friend said I sould name her Raven, so I went with that for awhile but always felt it was too cliche.


A few months before the end of the Kickstarter I saw an old Twilight Zone episode with Elizabeth Montgomery. She was dressed in a military uniform running around in a "post nuclear war" city.  She is best known for playing Samantha on Bewtiched (A show about a witch/housewife for you youngsters). So since she played the military dressed apocalypse survivor and a witch, by the end of the Kickstarter I figured it would be fitting to just call her Sam.


I like being able to have a girl with a guys name too.

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Since she orginally wasn't ment to be a Deadlands character.... I guess that would work, however I don't think anybody in Hell on Earth would want to be called Raven..... right? :)


Ohhhh yeahhhhh.  Didn't think about that.  Well, another idea that popped to mind.  


"Whazzyer name?"  "Sam."  "Sam, huh?  Short for Samantha?"  "No, short for Samhain."



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Here's another one of the Iron Alliance figures -- Figure #3, S2P80020.




EDIT: Updated image link.  Old one broke for some reason.


I dub this one "Dora the Post-Apocalyptic Mall Explorer."  I have it on good authority that the original pledge-maker did NOT have a certain cartoon character in mind when coming up with the figure design, but while I was pondering color schemes, I had this silly idea come up, and just couldn't get past that giggly concept to go for something more serious.  She's certainly got the most colorful attire of my post-apocalyptic explorers so far (as the themes seem to mostly be in greys, browns and dark greens).


The original figure has two left arm choices; I went with the flashlight, while an alternative hand would be holding a second knife.

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Updated image link
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It took me a ridiculously long time, but I got around to the finishing touches on S2P80000 "Stone" from the Hell on Earth miniatures.




My real motivation to finish him up is because this miniature is PERFECT for a civilized "ghoul" for Fallout-themed games.  (Otherwise, if you want a civilized ghoul, you usually have to mutilate the nose on a normal human figure, or do some sort of kit-bash head-swap, to avoid the "zombie lumber" or worse poses that would typically come with a skeletal-faced mini, even if it's otherwise well-clothed.)


Alas that the Hell on Earth minis are hard enough to find, but this one was a "Kickstarter exclusive."  Not that anyone is going to be in much trouble if he desperately wants "Stone" but missed this Kickstarter: There's always the classic Deadlands Stone, who ought to work just as well, with a little bit of a weapon swap if necessary.  But all the same, I love Bob Ridolfi's sculpts, and it just makes me sad to think that his work on this figure just ends up on such an obscure product.  Really, I wish the whole HoE line would be part of the regular Reaper "Savage Worlds" catalog; several of the figures would be nice for general post-apocalyptic play, and the weapons pack is especially fun (stop-sign axe, crowbar, sharpened hubcap, "reverse" crossbow, wrist-mounted crossbow, etc.).



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Reaper Miniatures/Studio 2 S2P80003 "Librarian #1 (Male)" sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.


Normally, the figure is holding a tablet in the left hand, but I decided to upgrade it to a jumbo-sized magazine for some "Fallout-branding."

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Reaper Miniatures / Studio 2 S2P80016: "Librarian #2 (Female)" -- the other in this particular profession "pair."  (One feature of the minis in the HoE release was that the major archetypes were represented with one male and one female example -- Law Dog, Templar, Librarian, Waster, etc.)  Unlike the first librarian, I didn't try to squeeze in an obvious Fallout "branding" to the book she's holding; there just wasn't enough space to work with.  (If only the hand covered a little less, I would have turned it into the "Big Book of Science," I think.)  Instead, I squeezed in some Sunset Sarsaparilla signage on the "scrap shack" base.

The tri-pod ad with the trippy '50s/'60s modern art-ish look was originally fixed up for my "CAPE" (Center for Advanced Primate Experimentation) adventure that I used for a Necronomicon one-shot, and which I intended for my perpetually on-hold Savage Worlds Fallout campaign as a "big finale," featuring several AT-43 "Karman" models (space apes in bubble-helmet space suits).  The idea was to have the action take place in Cape Canaveral (President Kennedy wasn't assassinated in this alternate timeline, so it never got renamed to Cape Kennedy in his honor), which has become a space museum and research center after the advent of advanced rocket technology that removed the necessity for a dedicated launch center so far south toward the equator.  (Hence why there's a REPCONN launch center right outside "Novac" in Fallout: New Vegas.)


(Maybe by the time I actually get to run this campaign, I'll have a wrecked Statue of Liberty knock-off statue I can use to beat that dead horse of "Planet of the Apes" imagery right down into the mantle.)


But I digress.  That's some Hirst Arts Castlemolds tech stuff in the background, by the way, off to the right behind the ad display.

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On 1/28/2014 at 1:58 PM, ub3r_n3rd said:

I know I asked this on the other thread, but I wasn't sure if you caught it or not. Would you mind doing a tutorial on how you do your signs, armor pieces, etc and how you get them to scale (or share with us a template of what you have?). A step-by-step guide would be awesome, or even a tutorial you know of that you followed to do it. I have a modern diorama that I'll be making for my gaming buddy which has Action Jackson and 3 "ladies of the night" in it, but I'd like to do some modern basing stuff and I also need to find a car that will fit the scale of the pieces (like a Cadillac) - will need to probably go to a toy store or something to find a car the right scale.


Wow.  This is embarrassing, but I didn't notice this post back in 2014.  :/  I'm figuring this is too little, too late, but I pretty much use Adobe Photoshop, a Calculator app, and a bit of searching around to find any hints of dimensions for signs.


Traffic Signs:

Stop signs have a fairly standard size, which is 750mm from side to side, which converts to 29.52756 inches.  From there, I can get a good idea of what the paper sign should be, if I know what scale I want.  For 32-34mm scale, 1:48 seems to be in the general ballpark.  I've been able to get away with vehicles anywhere from 1:43 scale to 1:55 scale on the table with Chronoscope minis, just as long as I don't MIX those vehicles.  (The difference between the wheel base of a 1:55 scale sports car and the same sports car in 1:43 starts to get noticeable.)  A standing figure at should be able to see and shoot over the top of a sports car or sedan -- and that's BEFORE he has that extra elevation from a base.  At 1:43, I start running into problems with that.  On the other end, 1:55 cars start to look like they'd be awfully cramped for the average mini to ride in, but they still work at a glance as scatter terrain (just as, in the later Fallout FPS games, if you REALLY PAY ATTENTION, the roads are way too small, the sealed-off buildings are generally way too small, and so forth, but AT A GLANCE, it isn't really a problem -- it gets to be noticeable more when you start building settlements and start paying a lot more attention to the space you have to work with).  For my work, I assume 1:48, so that gives me an on-paper width of around .62".


Many places sell speed limit signs, but there seems to be less of a standard on those.  (Please, feel free to tell me how wrong I am, if you know otherwise.  It's the only way I learn.)  I've seen places selling speed limit signs (I guess for posting on private property?) frequently are offered at either 18"x24" or 24"x30" in size.  Assuming the bigger size, at 1:48 scale that means somewhere up to about .5" in width.


While hunting around and looking for searches of "Fallout Street Sign" and such, I found a useful image repeated in a few places:




It's an image from a mod on Nexusmods called "Street Signs Retexture," by "WorriedWalrus."  ( http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3317/? )


I'm assuming that the pictures in this sample are at least roughly scaled to each other, so basically if I take this image and paste it onto a 300 dpi 8"x10.5" page in Photoshop, I can scale it until I can see that the stop sign roughly approximates .62" wide, since it's so conveniently in the upper-left-hand corner.  Doing this results in speed limit signs that are a bit narrower than .5" wide, but I can work with that.  The black background for this particular image is a bit of a toner-waster, so my next step would be to lasso each of these signs and cut and paste them against a plain paper backdrop.


For Deadlands: Hell on Earth, I assume that a lot of this would work as well.  As time has passed, HoE seems to be very like Fallout in a number of ways -- Whereas Fallout is "the future as envisioned from the 1950s, plus a nuclear war and a heavy dose of satire," Deadlands: Hell on Earth is kind of "the future as envisioned from the 1990s, plus a nuclear war, a dash of weird fantasy, and, oh yeah, a big dose of alternate history."  I suppose the biggest differences of note would be that while in Fallout the big difference in the US flag is that it has gone back to the circle-of-stars version (with one star in the center) -- in Deadlands: Hell on Earth, the Civil War ended differently, with the USA and CSA as two separate entities, and thus their own flags.  I don't know how that should pertain to road signs and such; that level of detail was never really brought up to my knowledge, so it probably doesn't really matter much.  ;)



Now, if you want to take images of the magazines from in-game in order to have some street litter, base decor, or maybe something held in hand, a typical modern magazine is pretty close to standard printed page size -- that is, 8.5" wide and 11" tall (or actually a little smaller at 8 3/8" x 10 7/8").  So, if you get a few image samples of the magazines from Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 4, you should be able to shrink them down to somewhere around .20" wide.  Visually, you could probably get away with 1/4" wide.  My own examples have sometimes gone over that size, just because I had trouble with anything being recognizable on the surface of the magazine if shrunk down too small, and I wanted it to be visible.  If I were decorating a magazine rack, and the interest is in just having a general clutter of magazines on the shelf and scattered about on the ground, I should probably stick to a more realistic size.  (But then, hey, this IS the future -- and, apparently, a future in which magazines still exist -- so maybe magazines are just BIGGER in order to draw more attention?  I never really paid much attention to how they sized up in-game, given how squishy in-game scale is.)


License Plates:

License plates seem to work out to around .25" wide at 1:48 scale, whether you're trying to do Deadlands: Hell on Earth or Fallout style license plates.


Street Signs:

If you don't have some particular model of street-corner street sign that you need to paste something on to, street signs don't seem to have any particular standard.  Shopping around online, I can find street signs for sale as 24"x6" blade signs at the low end, up to 48"x9" at the high end (on one particular site).  Going by rule of thumb, that tells me that the standard street sign that one sees at a street corner letting you know that it's "MAIN St" going one way, and "5th Ave" the other, is probably best depicted at about 1/2" wide and 1/8" tall, while a larger sign to go up with the stoplight would be 1" wide and 3/16" tall.


Billboards & Posters:

Billboards are however large you want them to be.  Ditto for posters.  It really depends more on the space you have available, or whether you have a model at the handy to paste a billboard, etc., onto.



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