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Numenera Figures

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If anyone is wondering, I have the first five on my desk prepped and primed with the other three currently pictured coming in tomorrow wor Thursday. I will have them painted for the box set art in short order.

Please make Jazz Hand's hands sparkle. That would be epic!

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I went looking for these again today.  Still not there.  Would love an ETA, even if it's really general.


Since it's been revised, then I must partake.


/gets out soap box


MissMelons would love the opportunity to obtain a box of Numenera Figures. Specially if they happen to magically 'appear' at the Reaper Auction or for sale (limitedly) at the Reaper General Store or at the Reaper Factory.


Somehow someway, Numenera, Numenera, for the love of all that is holy that would be so FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!! ^_^ NUMENERA PEOPLE!! WE MUST REIGNITE OUR EARTHLY DESIRES FOR FIGURES!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!



...see what you've started Sabith...see!!?!?

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