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Numenera Figures

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If anyone is wondering, I have the first five on my desk prepped and primed with the other three currently pictured coming in tomorrow wor Thursday. I will have them painted for the box set art in short order.

Please make Jazz Hand's hands sparkle. That would be epic!

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I went looking for these again today.  Still not there.  Would love an ETA, even if it's really general.


Since it's been revised, then I must partake.


/gets out soap box


MissMelons would love the opportunity to obtain a box of Numenera Figures. Specially if they happen to magically 'appear' at the Reaper Auction or for sale (limitedly) at the Reaper General Store or at the Reaper Factory.


Somehow someway, Numenera, Numenera, for the love of all that is holy that would be so FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!! ^_^ NUMENERA PEOPLE!! WE MUST REIGNITE OUR EARTHLY DESIRES FOR FIGURES!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!



...see what you've started Sabith...see!!?!?

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    • By Rigel
      If anyone looks qualified to declaim the Litany of ZAREK into an Omnicrophone from atop a golden hover-chariot, it is surely 62107, the Aeon Priest from Reaper's Numenera line. Look at this robed and jowled hierophant!

      I feel like I should put more patterning on the robe, besides the Eye of Marduk. Any suggestions? 

      There was also a Githzerai Monk I got in a grab-bag some years back and never used. A quick repaint and a pair of chainmail rings later, and hey presto! an Imperial assassin. 

      And here's the landing party in total. If they need to conquer a *second* planet in the same day, they might ask for backup. 

      (A lot of alien worlds look like the southern California Desert; this is well-known.)
    • By Kangaroorex
      I have been kicking this around for a while and decided to at least test the waters and see what interest there is in a round of Numenera before the new rule set starts to come out.
      One of the downsides is that there is not, to my knowledge, an SRD for the game.  There are, however some getting started rules available for free on the Monte Cook games website.
      This round would be a self contained adventure I wrote for the game a couple of years ago and played with a few groups who had fun with it.  If the group likes it, it can grow or it will resolve in about 6 hours of realtime play.
      The system is different and focuses a lot more on exploration and puzzle solving than fighting and loot.  It also offers players a lot more control over the storyline than the usual RPG fare.
      So with that, before I lay out the adventure and rules, limits, books, etc, is there any interest?
    • By Pingo
      This is another of the PCs for an enjoyable mashup of White Wolf's World of Darkness (Vampire the Masquerade, second edition, Werewolf the APocalypse etc.) and Exalted (second edition).  This one is an androgynous, or perhaps genderfluid would be a better description, Alchemical, a sort of human-cyborg prototype Exalted made by Autochthon, architect of the world.
      The Adamant caste are sort of the policemen-secret agent-ninjas of the Alchemicals, making sure society runs smoothly in their mechanized cities.  This one is sort of lost, as the Creation of Exalted has morphed into the World of Darkness and Autochthon is nowhere to be found, although things with his name which are not him, echoes perhaps, linger.
      Anyhow, that's all backstory.  The figure is Patrick Keith's enigmatic Numemera Jack, Reaper 62102. 
      There is a WIP thread here.






    • By Pingo
      One of our players is playing an Adamant Caste Alchemical in a game of Exalted (2nd ed., heavily modded).  Info about them is semi-classified by the GM, but they seem to be sort of crystalline with interchangeable parts, a little like cyborgs.  The Numenera Jack with the crossbow (or pickaxe?) arm seemed a decent fit, as the character is supposed to be somewhat androgynous.
      Here is the figure mounted on a fender washer for stability, primed white and washed with Burnt Umber.


    • By Maledrakh
      Oh yes. It just had to be done:

      If you have seen the TV-series or the comic The Strain, you know what inspired this Evil Bloodsucking Chocobo of Death!
      62110: Numenera Ithsyn
      Reaper Bones KS2
      Bonesium PVC
      40mm base
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