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About four years ago I started painting Kyra & Lavarath. Then I broke my wrist, then I deployed, then I moved, then I focused on trying to finish off a variety of sci-fi projects that were close to done but not quite, then I got Dreadball, well you get the idea. I decided that since I am now retired from the Army and waiting on word whether or not I'm getting the job I want I have some time to work on some minis...or one big one. So I opened the cabinet of shame and there are two long dormant figures staring back at me...the Warlord Hill Giant and Lavarath. Dragons are cooler. So I got the air compressor out and used the blow gun to knock the dust off and used a stiff brush to get the stubborn bits. Then tried to remember what color I was using for the scales (with was PP Turf Green). Here's were I left off in 2009:







I settled on HD Desert Tan to base coat the underbelly and raised scales. It looks a bit light now, but once I do the shading it won't. Didn't get very far on this color as I kept floating back and forth between various activities throughout the day. I see few spots where I need to clean up around the edges.




Let's see how long this holds out...

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That could be interesting. I think I'm going to work on the armor and other parts and see what comes to me. Failing that I'll progress onto Kyra. I'll figure something out. I suppose I could go out and research lizard mouths.


Oh, almost forgot, I finished up the wings and cleaning up various spots. Then hit the save button as Anne says and gave a quick coat of matte sealer.

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Been distracted by a lot of non-miniature related stuff, though I did get the leather straps base coated. Next up is armor, though I'm debating on color selection. Mostly how dark to start the base layer and whether or not I want to incorporate gold into the design.

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Ok, that's the last time I retire from active duty, take two college classes, and start a new job at the same time. It did bad things to my spare time. I picked up my brushes for the first time since August and have completed base coating Lavarath, except for the shoulder armor plates. Will post pics after I clean up some stray strokes.

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      Well, I finally did it. Finished this model last weekend, took pictures today. In the beginning I had big plans for this model. Then I broke my dominant arm. Then I deployed to Iraq. Then I moved back to Texas. Then it just sat there. Then I retired from the Army. That's when I finally decided to pick this one up again. Then I started my new job. Last month I decided to get it done and be done with it. It isn't attached to the base as I haven't made up my mind what I want to do with that yet. A couple more pictures and a little commentary at my blog.
      Enough babble, here's the pictures:







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