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300pt Sample Armies

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Actually I thought about posting a warning like yours, but I suck at writing and couldn't think of a way to write it that wasn't a complete run on sentence or nonsensical. So I just didn't include it.


Yeah, cuz mine wasn't... :lol:


I've got nothing against the kind of list Jeff posted; in fact, they can be quite fun. But since the OP's intent is for these to be starter armies to interest players in picking up the game, I figured a bit of disclosure was in order. Warlord (in general) scales both up and down from the standard 1K mark pretty well. The small caveat to that is point-heavy models in small army builds (sub-500, I think). Once you start exceeding the 500 point mark, a single model is less likely to tip the balance of the game.



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Here's a list based around what can be made using only pre-painted LE minis. Cause ain't nobody got time to paint demo armies, and playing with painted minis is always more fun.


Necropolis - 299 pts.


Troop 1
Railor of the Unbodied
Naomi, Mistress of Wings
Skeletal Archer x 2
Skeletal Spearman
Skeletal Warrior x 2
Zombie x 2

Troop 2


As an added bonus, it allows the player to participate in all three types of Combat Actions plus a flyer. I think every demo army should include at least 2 cards in the initiative deck to showcase the variable turn aspect of Warlord. Either by having at least 2 troops, or a Tactician or Book of Tactics.

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Here's a Reven list that only uses LE minis.


Reven - 299 pts.


Troop 1

Kagunk, Ogre with Book of Tactics

Bloodmane, Gnoll Champion

Korgug, Bugbear Bully

Goblin Skeeter x2

Goblin Warrior

Orc Warrior x2

Orc Spearman


I could almost do the list above with metal models that I have except I don't believe I have any Goblin Warriors.



This is a Reven list using (metal) models I already have (300 points even):


Troop 1

Kagunk, Ogre

Beastman Woodcutter x 3


Troop 2

Dantral, Half-Orc

Beastman Woodcutter x 3


Troop 3

Harpy x 4

Gonda, Goblin

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