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Junk Yard...Nostalgic fantasy diorama...

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From a very early age, I had no parents...as my profile states...I have been married to a wonderful lady for (40+) years...her father became the closest thing to my having a " dad " and with all my love and respect through his living years...I called him " pop ". I built this piece as a nostalgic memory of that wonderful man (T.O. Dunn).


T. O. Dunn Junkyard & Salvage:


Vintage pickup truck...at the gas pump is a Wheelworks metal miniature truck kit.

Rusted junk car...car in work area...tractor...are all die-cast toys that have been reworked.

Human figures...are all Preiser figures.


The diorama is completely scratch built...all the wooden buildings (office/outhouse/lumber area/car work hoist/building under construction/front gate/fences) are all built to scale with/from hardwood scale lumber...The tiny office is completely detailed on the inside...the whole diorama is wired so that all the lights in the office & on the power poles work.


All of the hundreds of items found within the junkyard are either scratch built or items from my parts box.


I have tried to give you an overall and panoramic view of the piece...I am sorry to say that I can not show the dozens of tiny details that are contained within these few posted photographs...but I hope that you enjoy this brief look at one of the " pieces of my miniature pride ".


Thank you...Catdancer!





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One of the most enjoyable and most challenging things that I do (when and where it's called for) is to make things look realistic by doing " organized chaos ". This piece offered me that opportunity all over the place, most everywhere you look. The junk yard area behind the little office...the lumber yard section...the auto repair area...the building under construction...the junk area with the green wooden boat...each item in each area was carefully placed and checked...one by one...to make it look fully random and realistic...that is what I call " organized chaos ".


You have seen this in other pieces that I have posted...the fantasy indoor workshop...the shire livery farm...are both prime examples (on a small and minor scale).


You will see more of this in the next and most likely last piece of (non-fantasy nostalgia) in the wharf workshop... be sure to check out the junk pile(s) outside the building...the work bench...and the old wooden shelf...all these where done with the same careful technique of " organized chaos "...I love doing such pieces.


I do want to thank all of you out there for your wonderful comments. I feels very rewarding to hear from so many who appreciate seeing work such as what I have posted in the past few days.


Most sincerely...Catdancer.

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