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[Group/Open] Colossal Skeleton

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I like the conversion, but I would be worried about the legs, given the problems people are experiencing with Deathsleet's ankles. Having a third point of contact seems to help greatly, as in Deathsleet's tail or the skeleton's hammer thing. I'd watch it carefully over a few days before doing anything you wouldn't want ruined.

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Not only the legs are touching the ground, the clothes, too. They are hard, I think harder than the arms. If they will make problems, I will put in them steel needles...


Personally I do not think that most bones produced in Texas will have the same problem. My Deathsleet does not have the problem. I worked for a big company for a while and everytime we did produce something in Thailand and China, we had problems with the products out of China.


It is possible that the molds were to hot or wrongly cooled down or anything else during producing the bones.

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Houston we have a problem!


It look like the hammer of the colosal skeleton is a little heavy. So the it has a bend back, now.



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This is what I came up with. I plan on using it as a Terrorgheist in my Heinrich Kemmler undead army I'm waiting on my 100mmx150mm base to arrive and I plan on making some type of diorama on it using the Reaper Warlord and Overlord casualty markers as victims of the hammer smash. I originally wanted to make him look like he's leaping thru the air and perhaps attach him to a mausoleum piece on the base, but the base wouldn't hold all the terrain I planned to use, so I just simplified his pose ,stay tuned for more to come.

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new pose-WIP..I'm gonna have him swooping over a mausoleum pice from the Garden of Morr set getting ready to smash the reaper casualty marker knight







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      "Hey Galadon, your colossus is playing whack-a-mole on the golf course again!"
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