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Thought I might as well start this topic. I've begun work on him and wouldn't mind other people's take on it before I settle on a final scheme.

Might be a while before I continue as the rest of the Bones just appeared. Woopdeedoo!



So far I'm thinking bronze/brassy weapons and bluegrey for the bandages. Just some basecoating so far, but I don't quite know how to paint the area around where his midsection hits the girdle.

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Yeah, belt is going to be regular old leather for mine too. I just wondered about the flat textured area on top of it, seems kinda quirky it even being there.

I guess it's dirt and grime or old bone dust or something :P

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I primed my skeletons horde with Army Painters Quickshade. It was the first time I primed bones mini's.


After it I primed my Colossal Skeletons, too. But one of them repositioned a little bit. It lost it's head bevore I could make a shot of both.








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I prime a lot of my Bones too, I just find it's just easier to paint on. Besides having skellies accept washes well is, at least for me, very important.


However I wonder how on earth you made that modification without it all sagging after a while? Mine seems to need the hammer to touch ground or he starts bending over.

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Out of curiosity, why prime them?


Because 90% of him and the small skeletons are made out of 'bone'. I don't mean the plastic. With the bone color primer I have skeletons in a minute painted and don't need to paint the bones with a brush. So I can start with the other details, like the dead heads, hammer, wood, 'knife', clothes and so on.


I think the skeletons are the only ones I will use primer. It is possible if I get the new gun metal primer from army painter, it would be possible that I will use it for bones with a lot of metal armor.


On the photo they are really looking more white than in bone color, I will look if I get a picture with the real color visible.




UPDATE: About the conversionl, the weapon is to heavy, over time it will goes down. I think I will need to increase internals with wires.

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If that's the army painter Skeleton Bone color you're using ours are actually the same color. I'm using the regular skeleton bone paint from them :P


The army painter skeleton bones primer (which I use) and the army painter skeleton bone paint are the same color.


Quotes from the AP-Homepage:

About the primer:

"As the name suggests, this Colour Primer has been designed to look exactly like Bleached Bone making it an absolut must for armies of shambling dead. This spray is increasingly popular for British WWII desert uniforms/vehicles as a lighter alternative to Desert Yellow. Prod. Code: CP3012"


About the paint bottle:

"Utilizing loads of heavy pigment for an excellent coverage the Warpaints has been specifically designed to compliment an already existing range; this paint is a 100% match of the Colour Primer of the same name."




I must find out how I can use my Reaper colors, now: Graveyard Bone, Splintered Bone, Yellowed Bone and Dirty Bone.

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That... Was my point? Ours are the same color, but looks wildly different due to lighting in the photos :P

Oh sorry, sometimes I'm missing something while reading or rearrange sentences in my head until I have what I want or my subconscious want to read... :;):





I cut the arm. I cut a 2mm wire, but I think I will try first a 1mm wire. 2mm is very thick.



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New Update:


I put a 1mm wire in the lower arm. The 2mm wire is still in the picture to show how long the 1mm wire is.



Now he is looking like this:



1mm wire should be strong enough to give strength into the arm. I hope there will be not another weak point...


I will cleanup the kitchen and go to sleep. Tomorrow morning I will know if the hammer will be still in the same position.

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I fixed my bending Deathsleet ankles by running a needle through the lower parts. I don't know what those without eyes are called, you use them for e.g fastening a flap on a curtain before sewing the hem.

Just heated it a bit and it's super easy to insert as it's stiff and pointy. Great for straight parts, but they will snap if you bend them a lot.


I tried wire first, but had a hard time making it go where I wanted, so made a few unnecessary holes in my Deathsleet. Let's hope the wire holds, but just an idea in case it doesn't.

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