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Advice on options for hands-free magnification

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As it happens, my eyesight is no longer what it used to be, back in the 80's when I painted my first miniature figures, and now that my Bones have arrived and I'm getting back into miniature painting I have realized that once I am able to get a mini into focus it's almost too far away to pick out the details. I can actually see them and thus am able to do a reasonable job of painting them, but I think I'd do a better job if I had some kind of hands-free magnification available. And, a I suspect there are other older members of this hobby out there who also have this issue and that at least a few of them have already found an excellent solution to the problem I'm tossing out my plea for advice.


If you do or have used some kind of hand-free magnification while painting, I'd love to know what products you're using (including brand and model, if you know. Price point would also be useful). I'd also like to know how you've set things up, if setup is required.


Thanks, in advance. ::):

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Thanks Darsc! I actually did a search before creating my topic but I used "magnify" and "magnifying" and never tried "magnification". (D'oh!)

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I agree with optivisor but I willw arn do NOT bother wasting money on cheaper look alikes, often sold at import tool stores or discount places. The lenses are plastic and make it look as though your figures are being seen through a fun house mirror Tons of distortion adn easy to scratch. MY optivisor has served me for 3 years with no issues!

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