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Blue Chainmail, and Blonde hair help.

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I'm planning on painting Ulf Gormundr soon, and I want to get him as close as i can to the painted example on this website. So maybe someone can help me out with some of my questions. To be blunt:

How did they do that blue chainmail?

How did they do that NMM Gold?

How did they get the blonde hair to look so real?


On the subject of blonde hair, I have the reaper 3 tier Blonde paints. It works well, but it doesn't come out looking as good as Ulf's hair.


While i'm on the subject of blonde hair, I'm also planning on painting Seoni, as she is on this site, and her blonde hair looks post worthy as well.

Appreciate any help. Sorry so many questions.

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The chain is nmm, so you would just add a little blue/grey into your intermediate stages.

The blond hair - start with a medium brown base, and work up to a straw color, and it looks like highlights are almost pure white.

NMM gold - is all about browns (and contrast - like all nmm). Start with a dark brown, and work up to pure white highlights.

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For grey-blue NMM, I have seen Martin use a mix of Reaper [blue liner / twilight blue / snow shadow / pure white] in the past, but I can't prove that he used it for this mini, in particular. It's a handy recipe though.

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I don't have the formula in front of me, but the Learn to Paint Kit 2 has a good blond formula.

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For good blond hair start with a yellow base coat, doesn't really matter what color, then wash it a few times with a brown (this will affect the type of blond it looks like the most) so for your luscious Patrick Swayze hair in your avatar I'd use Reaper Walnut or something similar. After a wash or two build back up to your yellow, wash back down, build up. Then start adding your highlights, then wash down and build back up. Also only highlight up areas that need it--treat hair like silk (shiny and high contrast) and ignore the strands except where you want that detail.


It's seams kind of laborious but it's only about an hour's worth of work.

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Ulf doesn't have brownish blonde hair, though. It's more platinum. I think DKS has mentioned platinum hair recently..ok, found it.




Her blonde hair started with paints that are labeled as skin tones -- Golden Highlight, with wet-blended shadows of Tanned Shadow and Dark Highlight, plus some Brown Liner in the darkest shadows -- and then up through layered highlights of Creamy Ivory, Linen White, and Pure White. I use Reaper's "skin" colors (low-saturation browns with varying degrees of yellow or red) for lots on non-skin items on miniatures: hair, leather, soil, stone, NMM, eye whites, etc.


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You're right, Martin did an excellent job painting Ulf!

You might try sending a Personal Message to him if he doesn't respond here.


The art for Ulf, by Wayne Reynolds -- link


Thanks for the citation, @CashWiley. That was a cool blonde for Trista. (I think I meant to type "lots *of* non-skin items".)

I'll probably paint an Ulf for my own collection but I hadn't chosen colors yet. Probably even less yellow than what I used for Trista. Maybe Stained Ivory as the midtone, with various browns for shadows. After I paint the rest of the figure, if the hair looks mousy instead of blonde, I can make it more yellow with a glaze of Golden Skin or (very thin because it is so strong) Palomino Gold. I find it easier to make a dull color bolder, than to mute a color that I painted too strong.


For Seoni's hair, I just matched the colors in the concept art (also by Wayne Reynolds): that meant a midtone of Aged Bone (and I think some Driftwood Brown -- I would have to check my notes), shadows (and darkening at the ends) of Woodstain Brown and Aged Bone, highlights of Linen White. Her skin has more yellow in it than her hair does.


Good luck,


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