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CAV 2 Construction Stats?

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     Does anyone know if there is any data around somewhere for the construction of Air/Armor/CAVs for CAV 2?  I could expand the Data Card availability for CAV 2 with CAVs from CAV 1 & 3.

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The only people that had the CAV2 construction rules were Reaper, and the guys at Mil-Net when they were licensed to continue work on the line, IIRC.  It was something never made public, as there was no building in CAV2.  You could pay for some equipment upgrades as part of force construction, but that was it.

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    • By Vil-hatarn
      Inspired by the CAV Kickstarter, over the past couple of months I have frequently alluded to and shared portions of my attempt to improve upon the CAV 2 rules as they were left following the Rage Chronicles ’08 public beta. Utilizing an early draft of rules changes proposed by Mil-Net and drawing heavily on old forum discussions of known problems and possible solutions, I have overhauled several portions of the rules and expanded others. This project has now reached the point where there is little more I can do without feedback on the numerous changes, and so I would like to present to you the CAV 2.M Beta.
      CAV 2.M Beta [zip]  EDIT: Link dead. Find the latest version HERE. EDIT: Links removed as per Reaper's request. PM me if you're looking for the latest files.
      The download consists of an errata document, in the style of Rage Chronicles ’08, and data cards for all models with the exception of the War for Sale army lists and those with the Unique SA from Shards. I would be happy to provide any of the excluded cards if there is demand for them, and they will of course be included in the final release. My intention following the testing is to produce a full rulebook incorporating the changes and improving on the layout and presentation.
      Please post any feedback in this thread; actual playtest results/battle reports would be most valuable, but all input is welcome! Thoughts on the assignment of abilities and point values would also be helpful, given the abundance of new SAs and the increased relevance of EXP, TC, and EDV values. Due to the sheer number of models I had to work through, the data cards could probably do with some refinement, and improving balance and internal consistency will be a major focus leading up to the final version.
      Throughout this project, I have relied heavily on several members of the Mil-Net community. My thanks to all of you for providing the groundwork for this project, and especially for the assistance in developing the new point calculator. The M designation is in honor of Mil-Net and all they've done for the CAV community.
    • By Watchman
      Is the Mil-Net site still functional?  I keep getting a blank page, with action done, no IE errors displayed.
    • By Vil-hatarn
      I realized during the Kickstarter that the CAV 2 rules were relatively hard to track down in their entirety, and that I and others were spending a lot of time pointing newcomers in the right direction. Coming back to the game after some time away, I also found myself needing to reference the rulebook more frequently and quickly got fed up with the volume of errata I had to deal with. To make things easier for everyone, I've created a stripped-down copy of the rules incorporating all of the errata and changes up to and including Rage Chronicles '08. While I imagine most players will still want to download the original rulebook for the art and setting information, these files are all you need to play:
      EDIT: Links removed as per Reaper's request.
      CAV Second Edition Version 1.2 Rulebook
      CAV Second Edition Version 1.2 Data Cards
      CAV Second Edition Version 1.1 Rulebook (out of date, full art/setting)
      Mil-Net: Shards
      Mil-Net: War for Sale
      Mil-Net has been experiencing some server difficulties, so at the moment this is the only working link to the latest data cards (the ones included with the rulebook download on the Reaper site are out of date). This also means that you can't currently download the free copies of the Mil-Net sourcebooks Shards or War For Sale. The bandwidth limit on my Dropbox makes me hesitant to post those publicly, but if you're looking for copies send me a private message and I'll get them to you. EDIT: Added links for Shards, War for Sale, and the non-condensed core rulebook.
    • By Watchman
            Currently I have the third Data set ready, Combat Characteristics for CAV1. 
      What is in this set:
      Total characteristics by race then UCOR.
      Weapons characteristics by UCOR
      Equipment characteristics by UCOR
      Weapons characteristics by type then UCOR
      Equipment characteristics by type then UCOR
      Weapons list by UCOR
      Systems by UCOR then type.
      Each system type has its own sheet also by UCOR with available dates.  Not sure where I am going with those as yet, but they are there.
      Any one wishing a copy e-mail me: USofA3 at juno.com , subject CAV1 Combat Characteristics or CAV all for all lists.  The list for CAV2 will take a bit longer.
    • By Watchman
             In addition to the Master CAV list mentioned in other postings, I now have the CAV Universe master listing of all the different groups mentioned in all the CAV manuals I have to date.  This list covers: Major Powers, UCORs, Mercenary, Pirate, Independent organizations.  The list covers combat units, their Unit Crests (if any), formations, types of equipment (if too much is listed you are directed to the list by pages color coded in red), page reference to which manual units are found.  Anyone wishing a copy send me an e-mail to USofA3 at juno.com, with the subject of: Organizations.  As always anyone already receiving other lists will automatically receive this one.
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