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What terrain do you want?

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I've been digging on AMG's DeepWars skirmish game lately. They produce a handful of items, and there's some decent aquarium stuff out there that can be easily adapted. Past that, it's pretty much all DIY. When I see stuff like this, I just drool:






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Not trying to take this thread sideways too much so early on, but their models are really cool.





And how can you not want one of these?







Also, so I can't be accused of thread-jacking too badly, this:




(all of these images were pulled from AMG's Facebook page, btw)



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When it comes to terrain, what is your biome of choice? When you play, is it fantasy, sci-fi, gothic? I'd like to know what terrain types are most popular:

- Wildermess

- Midieval

- Contemporary

- Victorian/Steampunk

- Sci-Fi

- Post Apoclaypse zombie infestation

- anything else that is front and center with your game group?


Forested hills/mountains, medieval towns, underground. (Mostly the standard fantasy tropes.)


For architecture, medieval stuff can be used for anything then or after. Half-timbered buildings can work for WWII gaming, for instance. But Bauhaus isn't going to work with classic fantasy/medieval well at all.

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Most of my nature terrain is all themed for desert badlands. I've got cliffs, rocks scrub plants.


For Post apoc, I pretty much stick with that, and add some buildings.





Alot of my more recent buildings are simply weatherd modern looking industrial park looking buildings that could be equally at home in post-apoc, modern, sci-fi or near future urban settings. Here's a Mech Battle game we ran at a convention:



For fantasy, it's mostly the same desert theme



However, I really like the fantasy city setting. Sort of like mordheim, but more intact, so I've made alot of buildings converted from christmas houses. My clubmates have more greenery, so when we get together the end result is often not as desert'ish,IMG_0118.jpg

My upcoming project is to build more tall chemical plant'ish structures for Deadzone and general sci-fi.


The real bonus, though is that on top of this, the rest of the club has other terrain themes as well, including swamps, jungle, green forest and ruined industrial. We've basically gotten to the point where we can play almost any environment except wintertime and oceanic.

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I have a combo brown-and-grass that works for trafficked areas, battlefields, abandoned urban areas... kinda generic. I'm building up a decent forest / woodland basis with some hirst Arts partial buildings; in a medieval game they're ruins, in a scifi game they're old or colonial-era ruins.


Catdancer's variety of locales, as well as the grotesque and beautiful fungus biomes posted by... I forget the poster's name, are inspiring me to try something more ambitious, and pretty, when I get the chance.

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In the Battletech game above, are those little plastic crates with blue cardstock glued to the inside? That's brilliant!


Yep, they're mini-milkcrates. The roofs are pieces of roofing shingles and the windows are just sheets of cereal card painted with streaks of blue purple and white.


As for the crates, the white ones used to be sold by Office Depot for office supplies. The ones with the big windows are DVD/CD size and are still available at Dollar Tree. The bigger ones with more windows were around last summer at Big lots. Be sure to wash them and use plastic specific spray paint as the soft plastic is hard to get paint to stick to. Hot Glue works pretty well for getting the paper to stick to the inside.


Alot more pictures of them in-action here:


and here


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I tend toward the wintery and mountainous side of fantasy in my miniature painting, so though I have yet to actually create any terrain I have bought some styrofoam and some artificial snow and I am looking forward to attempting to create some terrain. If that goes well maybe I will go for a whole wintery tabletop at some point even.


What I see at the local gaming stores seems to lean in the desert/wasteland direction, which admittedly is probably the easiest to make and also fits both fantasy and sci-fi easily.

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