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theleast's thread of total noobary


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Shalelu Andosana:





As far as possible, I've tried to keep her colours consistent with Wayne Reynolds' artwork:



I'm pretty happy with how she turned out. She's an important NPC in my campaign, and one of my players has a bit of a crush on her, so it was paramount I do her justice :)

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Fire elemental:




The base is a MDF square that I cut into shape using wire clippers. After gluing the bones figure on I used green stuff to integrate the base with the figure, and to build the flame-blast effect.


Colours used: Pure Black, Carmine Red, Lava Orange, Sun Yellow, Pure White

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When I started convincing my friends to become Pathfinder players last year, I promised one he could be a green wizard (his favourite colour + his video gaming handle).


Now he has an avatar:




Surprisingly tricky to paint, with all the nooks and crannies behind the beard and under the hat.

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My first attempt at non-metallic metallics:




To atone for the terrible things I did to Barnabas (post #1), I picked Garrick the Bold to practice NMM techniques.


No metallic paints used, no washes.




Steel: Soft Blue, Stone Grey, Pure Black, Pure White

Gold: Leather Brown (vallejo), Desert Yellow (vallejo), Yellow Ochre (vallejo), Blond Highlight

Tabard: Walnut Brown, Leather Brown (vallejo), Carmine Red, Blond Highlight

Leather: Walnut Brown, Leather Brown (vallejo), Blond Highlight

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Sorry about the lack of posts, been feeling down (moreso than usual).


And now, ZOMBIES!!!




This was a speedpaint. I did all five figures in just over 3 hours, from base coats to highlights.




Ameiko Kaijitsu, another key NPC in my Pathfinder campaign:




I'm not at all pleased with how she turned out. Her face in particular is a mess.




Feiya, Iconic Witch (Pathfinder):




More successful than Ameiko, I think, but still problematic in the facial area.



Note to self: Suck less.

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Your understanding of color is strong. The figures your showing off here have great color design. Your brush skills and techniques will improve with practice. It seems to me that you are painting at a furious pace, which is fine. It's my thought that slowing the pace a bit and being a little more careful with your paint application will take your skills to the next level. With your natural color skills, your minis are going to be impressive. There are quite a few hobby painters that have really fantastic technical painting skills, but really struggle with color. So when your brush skills improve, look out, there are amazing minis coming from the desk of theleast. I really am looking forward to watching your skills grow.

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Looks like you're going a bit too light, a bit too quick, on the faces. All I can suggest is slowing the transitions, using more layers, and possibly adding some matte or airbrush medium to stop thinned paint from dropping pigment and going chalky. Also, never go back over before the first coat is DRY DRY DRY. Alternatively, a transparent glaze with, say, Army Painter Ink Soft Tone might take some of the roughness out.


But, to be very honest, you're painting above my level here anyway, so all I can do is point out possible errors, rather than be able to tutor you through to a better technique.


Ameiko looks like she would tidy up well with some darklining. This will improve the definition where the sculpt is a bit soft and/ or you're running colours together due to brush... not controlled... thing. Also darklining will work well with the fast transitions you're doing there, that lend a painted / illustrated look to the job. If you're painting quick and for the tabletop, seriously consider darklining.


If you're trying to be more showy for the extreme close up, consider the use of glazes to soften the transitions, and devote more time to tidying up. A lot of the problems here will fade with another coat and some fiddling.

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Great paint jobs. I love the quality of the speed painting zombies - great skin tone.


The other figures look good too. I really like the colour choices you've made. The only think I'd suggest is thinning down your paint a bit when you apply it. This will help get rid of the visible brush strokes and make the paint transition cleaner.


I can't wait to see more of your work!

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Aye, I think you're all hitting it on the head: I'm an impatient painter. I need to learn to slow down and take the time to get it right. As frustrating as it is to take it slowly, it's even more frustrating to end up with a result I don't like.


I've picked out a few practice pieces, each with a variety of mixed materials (skin, cloth, metal etc.). I'll focus on taking as much time as necessary to get them looking good.


First, though, I needed to let off some steam, so here are some speed-painted skeletons:




Non-metallic metallics again. I used a combination of thinned paints, drybrusshing, washing... whatever felt appropriate. 3.5 hours total.


I'm particularly pleased with how the shields turned out. After painting most of the metal layers, I used a stippling brush to apply some rust. I then painted dints and highlights by hand with a fine detail brush, to make the smooth surface of the shield appear damaged and corroded:



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