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theleast's thread of total noobary

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Alternating between high and low pressure painting is definitely the way to go. For me though, I relax by taking my time on a character or monster before I get back to pushing through more mooks!


That is good NMM, and the shields are excellent. A good dull metal look. Really, they sell the rest.

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Long time no post! That's because I decided to really take my time with this next figure, rather than rushing like usual:




NMMs all around. Hair is Reaper's red hair triad, skin is the Fair Skin triad.


I tried a different approach to grass this time, painting it using a sponge:




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Slowing down has paid off big dividends! There is real raw talent in there. She turned out lovely. Red hair is really difficult to do and yours is very well done. Again your color choices are spot on. The grass painted with sponge worked well. Your use of the blues gives nice contrast to the warm greens and browns. The only thing you could criticize would be that the red from her hair isn't anywhere else. If it were me, I might add some red wild flowers to the base to repeat her red hair. What color did you paint her eyes, I can't tell fro m the pics.

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...woah. I've just read this from start to finish for the first time and I'm just blown away by your progress. Very nice work!


I've really got to stop painting like it's 1980 still and push myself more : )

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Another figure painted for one of my Pathfinder players:




The player couldn't find anything in my Vampire box that worked for his Monk/Fighter with a two-handed sword, so he ordered this guy from Reaper (I was placing a big order anyway so he added it). He had no colour preferences, so I mocked up a concept in Photoshop which he immediately approved. This was the result.


The skin is Reaper's Olive Skin Triad, plus Reaper's Flesh Wash. The other colours are mainly based on Reaper's Soft Blue, Walnut Brown and Splattered Crimson.


And now for something completely different:




The Summoner in my Pathfinder group painted his own figure, but found this little guy in my Vampire box and decided he was a good fit for the serpentine Eidelon he summons. He left it to me to paint. Given that this is supposed to be a create from another plane, I saw it as a license to experiment.


Blond Highlight, Sun Yellow and Lava Orange were applied as washes. Mahogany Brown was used as the skin for the creature, and Muddy Brown for the stones. I then dry-brushed with Walnut Brown to give it a dark crusty layer.

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You have made a lot of improvement since the last time I looked at your thread. Provided you are still looking for feed back, on your fighter/monk (which the above mini perfect for such a hybrid) the highlight on his sword blade should be up closer to the hilt near the mighter's ;) hand. I say this based off the points of light you added to the armor (which look really cool). The white highlights on the armor suggests the light is coming from directly above, while the light on the sword suggests the light is coming in at a 45 degree angle.


Light reflecting off of metal reaches its highest intensity (or is the whitest) where the object is closest to the light source. In the mighter's case, the angle of the sword indicates that the base of the blade near the hilt is physically closer to an overhead light than the tip of the blade, thus the blade's transition from dark to light should begin with the blade being dark and transitioning up to white the closer you get to the mighter's hand.

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...and I'm back! Sorry, distracted by a Pathfinder session. Then by bushfires.






Reaper doesn't actually have any giant bat ghouls, so I decided to take an ordinary dire bat (02739) and paint it to look kind of ghoulish.


Lots of washes and drybrushes used on this one. Swamp Green and Pale Olive were crucial to giving it a plague-ridden quality.


The detachable flying base is a crude construct of paddle-pop sticks, cardboard and wooden dowel. I was going to sculpt it up into something fancy with Green Stuff, but then I remembered that I'm a lazy lazy man so I painted it black and said "good enough".

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