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[Group/Open] WIP Goblins and Kobolds and Rats, oh my! Bones Dungeon Attack

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Well, someone had to do it. Feel free to post your Bones goblins, kobolds, and rats in here.


A lot of n00bz people new to miniature painting (including myself) had expressed interest in painting the rats first. They're small, don't have much detail, and are generally non-threatening. Just like a CR 1/3 creature should be.


So here are mine. After some attention with my needle files and a good scrub, I started off with some black slobbering. Most of these were done with 9037 Pure Black, the two all-black tail-up rats with 9289 Noir Black, just so I could see the difference. Noir Black is just a tiny, tiny bit lighter than the Pure Black. Someone with more experience could probably explain it better. I can only tell the difference when they're side-by-side.





Here's some base coating. Straight 9384 Lonestar Leather on the brown ones. About a 5:2 mix of 9086 Stone Grey : 9289 Noir Black on the bases.





Of course, you HAVE to have an albino. I basecoated this one with 9039 Pure White with juuuust a bit of 9286 Punk Rock Pink. I guess we'll see if that was a mistake or not. I also hit the bases with some 9086 Stone Grey.





That's as far as I've gotten thus far. I kind of forget that I should be thinning the paint going on after the basecoats. I guess I'll get the hang of this.


I'll probably hit the bases with a darker wash, then go for some highlights. Mr. albino will get a closer-to-pure-white coat, and the rest... I'll figure out as I go.


Good painting everyone!



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Well alright, Here are some more up close pictures of my Goblinz.





I feel like they look realistic, but, I realize they don't have nearly enough contrast. Any tips or advice are welcome.


edit: I think these were taken before I lightened up and retouched the bases where the paint had worn off.

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I definitely will, if not on these guys, I will going forward - I basically consider these my "first", and so they get to be enshrined with all there errors in tact. Any advice or tips I get will still be helpful for future painting though.


If it's worth the time, bring up the highlights. Much more than you think. The tanned leather to a tanned skin tone, the yellowish jerkins to an ochre yellow, and the skin to a bright, light green.


I'd say the skin is especially important for getting a good read on the tabletop.

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It is the first time I opened the 2nd set of the vampire pledge.


I removed the Dungeon Attack Creatures and put the others back until I have time to count and check them.


So here are my 24 WIP Kobolds. I used vallejo parasite brown and a yellow color for the clothes.


I saw this week a color which helps to make surfaces look like marble. I think I will get it and check if I can get a marble look on the pointy part of the spear.




Edit: One is missing if I'm counting correctly, so he must be got away somehow...

Edit again: I caught him!:-)

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I'm working on 6 gobbos , (going to remove there bases) nearly finished one of them ( just have to highlite and shade the red)



Also I am going to work on my photog skill, these were taking on my IPhone so sorry about the quality




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Right, found the Group WIP. that's the start!!


I have cut all the broccoli off and re-based my dungeon goblins, kobold and rats on 20mm dungeon square bases:




They are undercoated with Halfords grey primer' which I was scared to try but it is awesome, I did a test first.


Here is my first WIP photos, and I even got some orange on a gobo:





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That's an interesting take on the rats. Having the fur line stop near the faces.

Lol. Just googled images of rats. I may have had a reality issue. I thought they looked weird after I painted them but couldn't put my finger on it!

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