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OK, so I had to try....

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OK, so back when I was waiting for my Bones, I got this idea. Michael's craft store carries the Safari dragons. They are tacky and horrid in every way. But I had a 40% off coupon and they had one that seemed like it could be redeemed. So, I bought one of these in all of it's glitter-covered glory.






I decided green wasn't his color. I wanted a shadow dragon anyhow, so he became my candidate. I washed him well, but did not strip the existing paint. Here's the final product.










The white spots on the base are reflections from the water effect, not bare plaster.


So, did I redeem him, or have I gone ever the line by even considering these dragons?



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I've seen those and never looked past the factory paint job. Good on you for seeing the potential! I may have to give them another look. If you don't mind saying, about how much were they before ( or after ) the coupon? I don't think I even looked long enough to see the price on them when I saw their paint.


As to your paint job, I think it makes an awesome shadow dragon!

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I have one of a similar brand picked up in France that I believe it is an awesome sculpt. OK, not "in-line" with the Reaper monstrosities, but a great figure anyway. It will be my next project.


We need to keep our eyes open for stuff like this. For example, cheap transformer's know-offs? Great to tear down for "technical bit" for basing.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone.


I do think they are tacky in that the colors and presentation are an assault on the eyes, but I like quite a few of the sculpts and wanted to see if I could make one look respectable.


They run between $9 and $17. I've seen this one on the high end before, but got him at $12 regular price with a 40% coupon. The price seems to vary between different Michael's outlets, which seems strange. I'm definitely going to try a few more in the future.

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